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Tarot card. Macrh

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King Wands.

Exciting challenges, ahead.  Loves to act on ideas (almost immediately).  Spirited and passionate about life.  Appreciates and respects views of others.  Likes to plan ahead - or at least have something exciting to look forward to.  Creative abilities, self-expressive  in everything they do.  He/she seems to attract respect and admiration, from other people, naturally.  Without force or showing off - just by being themselves.  Sometimes a very fiery dramatic and exaggerated character.  Enjoys being the centre of attraction - though would rarely admit to this.  Great at handling awkward situations, especially within a large social situation.  Always up, for backing good causes.  King wands calls you to develop and nurture the fire within.

Tarot card for Feb.

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Page Pentacles.

The earthiest and most practical of the pages.  This page is the apprentice,  the learner.  The organised one.  Future thinking.  He (of course this can easily be she, but I'll use he for now) likes to lay down the foundations for a possible, potential prloject.   Making sure everything is in order, ready to start.  He is passionate, a lover of nature and perhaps very outdoorsy.  Concerned for the environment, hoping to make a difference and help shape the future environment.  He wants to make an impact in all that he does, and although he cares passionately, he wont overstep or push things too far.  He is inspired and inspires others to care.  He is a loyal and trusted friend and always loyal to his cause. 


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Everybodies card then?

2017 January

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Tarot card.  The Fool. (from the cat tarot)

An appropriate card for the start of a new year!  The Fool symbolises many things, including a new start or beginning of something.  Perhaps a new experience, trying out something you've never dared to before.  A strange and unlikely solution to something.  The unknown.  Acceptance of an existing situation.  Being without judgement or pre conceived ideas.  Having faith in yourself and your choices.  A symbol of everything - or nothing.  Balancing on the edge of a new discovery or life-journey.  Daring to take the plunge.  A child like optimism and naivety, which brings out the sense of fun and joy within.


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New Moon in Capricorn                                                                                                                           

A slow but steady, determined, lovely, earthy sign.  A good time for making long term structured and practical plans.   Starting something new, nothing too serious and nothing that is too risky - although dont be too wary of moving a little out of your comfort zone, infact this might be a nice idea.  You instinctively know what is going to be right for you, so go for it.  Perhaps the ideal time to finish and finalise those things you started ages ago, but never got around to finishing.  This moon has a lovely sensual, earthy feel about it.

New Tarot Deck!

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This is my newest tarot deck 'Green Witch Tarot'

See the Tarot page

Oracle card for August 2015

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Whale                                                                                                                                                       (just for you Wayne!).  Our largest living animal.  Whale is a beautiful, peacfeful animal of gentle strength.  She has no enemies - except us.  An animal of spiritual and emotional healing.  Strong and loving, unbreakable family bonds.  She will lay down her life for the safety of her young.  Whale sings her songs and tells her ancient tales to all who wishes to listen and understand her depth of emotion and feelings.  Listen to your own inner voice, find your inner peace.  Be strong and be gentle.

Another new Tarot deck!

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A gorgeous new tarot deck to add to my collection...

Marseille Cat Tarot, check the Tarot page for more info

New Crystals

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I have 3 new crystals to share with you :-)

  • Black Amethyst
  • Lemon Opal
  • Orange Spirit Quartz

Take a look at the crystal page, I have only wrote their description at the moment, photos will follow soon.

New Tarot Decks

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Two more new Tarot decks :-)

Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck and Mucha Tarot deck,

Have a look on the Tarot page

Tarot card June 2015

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The Chariot    Being in control of your destiny.  Your life.  Challenging yourself to go that bit further - but still being in control of the situation.  Being sure and aware of your direction.  Confidence, clear-headed.  Getting things moving, reaching your goal.  Taking responsibility.  Determination, energy.  Exploring new possibilities and directions.  Staying balanced, focused and centred.  Strong, yet unthreatening within conflict or confusion.

Tarot Card. May 2015

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Hanged One.                                                                                                                                            At a crossroads.  Waiting? Hoping? Deciding?  Not particularly bothered - for the moment happy to wait.  Needing to make a sacrifice, letting something go, in order for something to happen in return.   Not forcing an answer or situation, but letting it flow naturally.  Expecting, wanting, needing a change.  Looking at a problem/issue from a different angle.  Maybe a need to change your plans or attitude over something.  Time to take control after all?

Tarot card March 2015

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6 Cups                                                                                                                                                     A nostalgic (sometimes poignant) feel to this card.  Innocence and trust.  Evoking memories of childhood, past friendships, relationships, lovers etc.  Perhaps a reunion of old friends, a celebration, anniversary.  Karmic ties.  Negative traits include an unwillingness to let go of the past, obsessive and clingy thoughts and feelings of the "good old days"  Unable to cope with the present, because of living too much in the past, with only ghosts and memories.

New Tarot Deck

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I have a lovely new tarot deck by J. Galasso..... see my tarot page

Tarot card. February 2015

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4 swords.  You have been through a difficult and mentally draining struggle.  Now you need to retreat to a quiet and peaceful place to re-new your energies, recover, restore your balance, before continuing.  4 swords indicates the need for a calm atmosphere in which to reflect, meditate and think over past events and what has taken place.  Come to terms with recent situations, happenings.  Rebuild your strength both physically and mentally.  So try to take a break away from daily routine, even if it's only for a few hours.  Let the natural healing process begin.