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Reply jlmetson
11:25 AM on February 17, 2018 


Reply Win
2:12 PM on February 15, 2018 

Happy St. Valentines x

Reply jlmetson
3:46 AM on January 3, 2018 

Happy 2018.  Blessings.

Reply jlmetson
3:31 PM on December 24, 2017 

Yes a really nice trip to Glastonbury.  Mild weather too

Reply Wayne
12:46 PM on December 8, 2017 

any plans for the solstice.  Will be in touch

Reply jlmetson
5:09 AM on November 23, 2017 

Thank you

Reply RichardWeede
5:14 PM on November 5, 2017 
Superb postings. Thanks! get prescription online
Reply jlmetson
5:06 PM on October 28, 2017 

Oh yes soon.  It's a really lovely little piece too.  And 'P' your reading is on its way.

Reply James
4:46 PM on October 8, 2017 

a picture of the fossilised wood please??

Reply jlmetson
5:42 AM on September 25, 2017 

Lots happening.  But a belated happy autumn equinox to all!

Reply Wayne
1:58 PM on August 21, 2017 

Look forward!

Reply jlmetson
5:06 AM on August 8, 2017 

A v. restful time in Glastonbury/Avebury.  Will put more on web soon!  Been a bit lazy/busy/unfocused!!

Reply Win
6:16 AM on July 12, 2017 

Another lovely Sunday. XX

Reply jlmetson
4:20 AM on June 22, 2017 

Happy Solstice!!  (see pagan year)

Reply jlmetson
8:39 AM on June 8, 2017 

Absolutely no idea! But I've removed it.  Oh Max is Alice's cat.  A lovely old, gentle soul

Reply Wayne
5:03 AM on June 7, 2017 

didnt catch that! But who's maximuss?

Reply jlmetson
3:13 AM on May 29, 2017 

Hi 'B' have sent your charm bag. X

Reply Win
3:07 PM on May 1, 2017 

Lovely long weekend. And even i thought Ishka, Gertie and Honeybee were little darlings!

Reply jlmetson
2:27 PM on March 8, 2017 

Ahhhh. Thank you. Love you too, little honeybee.  XXX

Reply Amber
8:49 AM on March 8, 2017 

jjkhnnsdsddsk ksdkwwwwjkjkjksjksjasweerrt

(Hello Grandma, How are you? Love you xxx)