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Welcome to Paganesque

My name is Josephine, although most people know me as Jo. I have over 20 years experience in many areas of natural magic including tarot, gentle healing spells, the pagan path, astrology and herbs.  (Approved certificates in Wicca, tarot, astrology and flower remedies).

Herbs have always been the one great love and passion of mine, growing many of my own to use.  I  have passed on a few herbal remedies to my daughters, and they have used them on their children!  (so keep it in the family!)

This  just kind of lead me naturally into other wonderful areas of natural magic.  For example tarot, the Pagan path,  spells, astrology, crystals, Goddess worship etc.   Astrology, tarot and Goddesses, particularly.

May I please just say to anybody reading this that I do NOT work with any negative, dark or bad energies and forces.  So I wont, hex, curse or do revenge, dark spells. I believe there are other ways around this, such us banishing, new moon spells etc.

All the material/subjects on this site are things I have learnt, collected and picked up over the years, adapting here and there to suit my own personal needs. Many I have used and trusted, and with excellent results. Both traditional and other more cultural/universal ways and ideas. . Therefore my approach or methods may or may not be  similar to other sources but they all have a kind of thread that leads you in the same direction eventually. In the end it is all about what feels right for you and this is what feels right and comfortable for me and works well.

For me personally, "natural magic" is about healing the whole (holistic) ourselves, others and our earth. By gently using our natural energies and resources, which are free to everybody: Moon phases, timing, sun signs, crystals colours and herbs. Calling upon mystical, spiritual sources: Goddesses, Angels and Animal guides. Turning negative energy into positive energy. But taking no more than we need from our earth. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate. But let it be 100% pure and from the heart. (And harm none) Always respectful, respectful to you, other people, our earth and any deities you may call upon for help and or protection.

You really do not need expensive ritual tools, clothes, and elaborate accessories - our ancestors and ancient communities didn't.  Or complicated spells and chants.  Just a basic belief and trust in what you do. 

If anybody has a suggestion or question or anything they would like to share, please do, feel free. It's nice to hear what other people have to say, different views and perspectives are always welcome.

Blessings to all.

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