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Connecting with an animal guide is useful. There might be all sorts of reasons why you might wish to connect or get in touch with an animal guide. Certainly for all types of questions, problems, decisions, and situations you find yourself in. For healing, others, yourself, animals and the earth in general. For protection, in a spell or blessing. Perhaps on certain times of the year, for instance Samhain, winter or Summer Solstice, the autumn or spring equinox etc. For guidance in working towards the right direction. When you’re feeling stuck or at a crossroad. Perhaps on behalf of somebody else. The list is virtually endless and so long as it is for positive and healing reasons, the animal guides are usually only too happy to help and guide. Possibly not for things like help in winning the lottery and absolutely not for things that would bring harm or sadness to anybody else or the earth. But then, I don’t think you would be able to connect to an animal guide anyway, in those circumstances.


Some are with us for only a short time, guiding us through a particular situation or problem. Others may be with us always. There are many ways to connect and meet an animal guide. It may be your usual one, with a message, or a different one which is more appropriate for the occasion. One way, is to use animal oracle cards. A little like tarot, focusing on a question, problems etc., and then choosing a card. Maybe dreaming of an animal, several nights in a row could be a message for you, from an animal guide. You may feel inexplicably drawn to an animal and they to you, and not just because they are your favourite animals and they are cute and fluffy. Another good way is visualisation.


There are many techniques, all as good as each other, but this is the one I was shown and works ok for me. Sitting is best, feet on the ground, in a quiet place. Somewhere you know you won’t be disturbed suddenly. Inside or outside, maybe some soft music playing. Settle comfortably, relax and be aware of your breathing. Let your mind flow and travel deep into the countryside. Don’t think about what kind of animal you want to see, it won’t work like that. But just relax as you wander deep into a forest, meadow, by the river, coast anywhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. As you wander through this place, think of your question. Be aware of your surroundings. Warm breezes, sunshine, soft rain, trees rustling, whatever feels right. As you walk further, you will see your animal guide coming towards you. This then is your guide for that moment. (Another time, it might be something else). You "sense" this animal is friendly and will help guide you. In your mind you have your question. And in your mind your animal guide will have the answer. It might be a strange, cryptic message. It might be completely and startling clear. It might come later when you least expect it, but a message which you just "know" is meant for you. Stay with your animal guide, if you wish, for a while and them also. Finally thank them for their assistance, wish them a safe journey and say goodbye. Return, reversing your journey, as best as you can remember, slowly and gently back to where you started. Open your eyes, stay where you are for a while, giving yourself time to adjust being back. When you feel ready, stretch a little. It's a good idea to take notes, if possible, to recall your experiences.


The first time I did this, was at a pagan meeting, one evening and I visualised a bee, nothing spectacular, but the image and experience has always stayed with me.


An animal of courage, determination and integrity. His persistence and patience and fighting spirit gets him what he wants, in the end. He will dig at the truth, until he gets it. And stop at nothing, tirelessly stripping away layers of deceit and lies. Traditionally associated with many healers, shaman, medicine women and men, for his strong protective and healing powers. Badger is the keeper of time, past and present and traditions. Fighting for his beliefs. Call on badger when you feel uncertain or about to give up on something. When you need to be more persistent, patient and responsible. For healing energies and for fighting what you feel is right.


A co-operative, hardworking and a sociable animal. Lives in harmony with others and plants taking only what it needs. Always moving and communicating in the right direction. A gentle and peaceful animal and only under exceptionally threatening situations will it use its sting and lash out to hurt others. The bee teaches us it is possible to live in harmony, working together in a community, sharing creative and social skills. Using all senses, smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste, to enjoy the natural beauty of our earth. Connect with the bee, when you are feeling isolated or socially unsure. Out of touch with friends or your community. If you feel unmotivated and not in harmony with your surroundings. If communicating seems a problem and you feel you are not in touch with others around you.


A quick, busy and curious bird.  Alert and waiting.  Blackbird calls you to follow your own spiritual path.  She will show you the gateway to the otherworld secrets and mysteries and ways in which you may discover more about yourself, how to help yourself and others and to create passion, purpose and a sense of curiosity.  To be in tune with the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water.


Think of a butterfly and you think of a warm sunny day. Butterfly usually attracts admiring glances as she delicately dances and flutters from flower to flower. She's light hearted and brings about a sense of joy and ease to everything but she has her serious side too. Her biggest and intense life experience is emerging from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. Call on butterfly when you're going through an emotional transition or big life change and you need to trust in your own judgment, when you need a bit of light heartedness and joy in your life and maybe a compliment or two and when you need to try something new.


A solemn rather grumpy, but beautiful looking animal. Seems like she's forever searching for something beyond, working out the most efficient way of tackling a task. She has boundless energy, patience and determination. An animal of incredible resourcefulness and tenacity. She does what she has to do. No hesitation. No questions. Just gets on with her task, tirelessly. She has all she needs. Methodical, prepared and ready for all situations. She journeys on and she knows where she's going. Call on camel when a situation seems too daunting to cope with. When you feel discouraged or lack energy and commitment at the task ahead. When you need encouragement that all will be well. Know you can do it.


A sensual, aloof and independent creature. She quietly watches everything that is going on around her with a casual, yet secretly intense awareness. Cat is very much attuned to the otherworld and occult and yet equally in tune with her own immediate surroundings. Everything she does, she does with effortless grace and concentration. Call on cat when you need to be in tune with the psychic and mystical side of life, when you need to concentrate. Be more independent or maybe just break away from others for a while and just be you.


The fastest animal on four legs. Cheetah can think, decide and act immediately. Her timing perfect and precise. She responds without a moments delay to every opportunity given her. Adaptable, powerful, flexible and alert. She can change her direction at will. And yet at the same time is focused and poised. An animal of little waste, no time for dithering or wavering. Stopping only when something is totally impossible. She teaches her children with devotion and diligence the skills of hunting, confidence, agility, decisiveness and efficiency. These are the gifts she can offer us too Call cheetah when you need to think quickly. When you want to take chances or opportunities, but feel restricted or doubtful. When you feel stuck and need a nudge in the right direction. Or some quick inspiration is needed in your life.


A beautiful, calm, gently curious and loving creature. Associated with the goddess, for her mother, nurturing, bountiful and giving qualities. Cow doesn't like to be rushed or hassled. Preferring to quietly and serenely think things over. She is a wonderful mother, tending to her babies every need, in her unrushed and thoughtful manner. Call cow when you need to think quietly and calmly about something. When family issues, especially involving younger children might be worrying you. For when you need soothing and healing energies in your life. Or when you might like to feel more nurturing towards somebody else and vice versa.


A graceful, reflective and serene bird.  Ancient Celts believed the elegant dance they performed were associated with leading souls to their journey on to reincarnation.  She is patient, watchful and will wait until the time is right to act.  She is the keeper of secrets, knowledge and mysteries.  Ultra- sensitive to her environment and the shifting energies of her water world.  Call on crane when you feel stressed or when you need to calmly think things over.


A bird of prophecy, protection and magic. The messenger of this world to the otherworld, the spiritual world. As a healer, it helps you to confront and face your darker, shadow side. Associated also with magic, witches, shape-shifting, birth, death and rebirth. As a bird of high intelligence it cannot be easily tricked, deceived or lied to. Call crow when you need something to be clarified or simplified. Or need spiritual guidance or a message from the spiritual world. When you feel changes are appearing in your life and you need to be clearer about them.


A creature of communication, friendliness and joy. Dolphin just sparkles with happiness and seems to smile as he leaps playfully into the air with all his friends and family. An animal of both water (feeling and depth) and air (intellect and reasoning). Dolphin is an animal of empathy. And also of spiritual guidance. Call dolphin when you need more creativity and expression in your life. When you want joy and happiness and need to let go of pent up feelings and stress. When you need or want to express your feelings more openly and lovingly. And when you feel you need to be more sociable and connected with other people.


Cunning, wise and intuitive. Trusting it's instincts and noticing the smallest and slightest of details. Fox is not a sociable creature, but tends to get on with life alone, almost invisible within its environment. But it's observant and quick thinking, taking chances and opportunities when it can and, when needs to be sly. Call on fox when you need an answer, but not an obvious one, something more edgy or subtle (perhaps diplomatic and discreet). When you need a solution without broadcasting your private life. Fox is also a protector of women and, family issues.

Guinea Pig

A busy, unobtrusive and chatty little creature. Gentle, unaggressive and loving with a great sense of curiosity. Lives co-operatively and in harmony with others.  Guinea pig is incredibly vocal and loves to communicate.  He enjoys the company of others around him and thrives on social interaction. Tune into Guinea pig when you feel the need to be with others, to communicate and be more social. When you feel a little isolated and disconnected from others, spending too much time alone and need the conversation, ideas, thoughts and support from likeminded people.


The traditional Witches animal. Hare represents intuition, balance, moon magic and psychic energies. The shape shifter, becoming whatever it needs to at the time. Also associated with the Goddess and both dawn and dusk and the mysteries of life. Helping us to attune with the natural cycles of our earth and to be more insightful. Call on hare when you feel an imbalance in your life. Or you need a little gentle magic and luck in your life. To help you through life's changes and transitions.

The spirit of the forest. All seeing all-sensing. A social, supportive and helpful animal, especially within family environments. Also very communicative. Call on lemur when you feel you need advice on how to be more adaptable and flexible within your life, or when coping with several issues/problems at once. When you would like more support and help from others. A question from the past, that is making you feel unsettled, uneasy or simply curious. Wait for the psychic message/sign you get back from lemur.


A soft and gentle creature of depth and perception. What mole doesn't see, she makes up for with incredible feeling and psychic energies. She doesn't need to see, to know all that is happening in the darkness of her underground world. She is in tune with the ever changing atmosphere and energies around her. Her dark secret and safe world is all she needs, rarely coming to the surface. Call on mole when you need to feel more grounded. Or be in tune with the earth mother and the rhythms of life. When you need to trust your instincts and feelings more or explore more hidden paths of spirituality and healing.


Joyful, friendly and playful. He has his serious and resourceful side, but even these are approached with a sense of joy and fun and willingness. Family is source of delight, teaching, playing and protecting. Nothing seems to deter, or get otter down. Always busy and with endless energy. Otter is an animal of balanced energies, flexible and adaptable. Yin and yang. Gentle, yet courageous. Fun, but with a touch of seriousness. Resourceful, yet happy to share. Call on otter when you need to get in touch with your inner child and need to learn all over again how to play and relax. When you feel constantly anxious, wound up and tense. Let otter show you how to laugh and bring joy into your life.


A bird of magic, wisdom and strength. Owl hears, sees and senses all things and just knows. Watching and observing before acting. A night bird, owl is attuned to the moon and the silence, sensitive to all that is happening now and all that may happen soon. It knows exactly and precisely when and why the time is right to act. And will do this, silently and without a fuss. Honestly and truthfully. Call on owl when you need guidance, answers and wise advice. Or the strength to carry through something. When you need the right timing to act. When you feel you're going through a dark and confusing period.


The one with the hundred eyes. The all seeing animal. The vision bird. He misses nothing. A bird of pride and beauty. Peacock is the guardian and protector of all who he befriends and lets him. He watches closely, never closing his eyes. Observant, detached and aloof. He guards with a fierceness who he admires and loves and will never let harm come to them. He knows, by watching, what we need and want the most and what is missing from our lives. Call on peacock when you need energy or when your mind feels closed and blind to life and everything seems dull and colourless. When you need to be more observant and watchful. And when you need self-esteem and confidence in your life.


A quiet, unassuming and observant animal. Moving only when really necessary, excellent at conserving his energy. Sloth sees things from a very different angle and perspective. An intuitive and retrospective creature. He watches, learns and considers life thoughtfully and carefully. He is no hurry, just content to be. And because he is so at peace, calm, unhurried he misses nothing in life. Call sloth when you need to slow life down a bit and really think about your direction. When you need answer from a different angle and perspective. When you need to re-energize yourself, re-asses your life, or just need some space and quiet sanctuary.


(The legends and myths are endless and varied). Snake is a watchful, quiet and resourceful creature. He slithers through the world, half in this world, and half in the underworld. Waiting. He can be anything he wants to be, at any given time. An animal of luck (good or bad), prediction and prophecy. Rebirth, transformation, change and re-generation. A guardian of mysteries, secrets and the world of magic and spirits. His insightful, sometimes shadowy and veiled, life healing world. Call on snake when you're going through important life changes and transformation. When you want to see deeper into the mysteries of life, occult and healing energies. When you need to re energise yourself or be somebody different.


A wonderfully dignified, strong and proud creature. King and guardian of the forests and woods. Associated with Celtic, Pagan and many other cultures and tradition, also the otherworld. A masculine and sexual energy. Call on stag when you need psychic and spiritual direction. When you need to be strong and independent. In situations where you feel vulnerable and lack confidence. Stag will show you courage and confidence. He will give you direction and show you the way.


A soulful, calm, exclusively faithful and trusting creature. She flows through the water with a quiet grace and elegance. She sees beauty in most things. Nothing seems to ruffle or bother her, but she is fiercely protective towards her family and will kill to keep them safe. Inspirational, spiritual and serene. She seems to hover between this world and the otherworld. Her worlds of dreams, mysteries, stories and poems. But also clarity, purpose and direction. Call on swan when you need to be calm and composed. When you need beauty and soul in your life. Serenity and peace. When life changes do not seem to be running smoothly and you need clarity and inspiration.


Self-contained, slow, thoughtful and unhurried. Tortoise has everything he needs to survive. He is focused, self-reliant and seems to take everything at a steady pace. Never hurrying and never faltering, just getting on with life slowly, yet surely. Call on tortoise when you feel you need to be more grounded, determined and focused, when you need to think things out methodically, slowly and thoroughly and maybe when you need to take things at a slower pace.


The largest living creature in our world and the gentlest. Whale is expressive, communicative and social. Protective, devoted and lovingly patient, with their babies. Powerful, yet so gentle. Intelligent, psychic and in tune with everything around them. Whale flows with the rhythms and mysteries of the sea, within the mother earths secret waters of life. They sing their songs, tell their stories and pass on their knowledge, to all who will listen. Call on whale when you need to soothe and calm your emotions. Or when you feel over sensitive. When you need to be strong but not over powering. When you need to connect deeply or spiritually with something. Or need some creative inspiration.


An animal of intuition, inner strength and power. Wolf is a faithful, playful and loyal creature. He respects the status of others. Cooperates and works in harmony within his wolf community. Both male and female are devoted parents. Social and friendly yet still wild and untamed. Described as a shadow animal and, therefore can help you learn more about your hidden side. The guide, guardian and teacher. Call wolf when you're feeling lost spiritually and need a direction to work towards. When you need to reconnect and work with other people in harmony. When you need to trust your instincts and inner feelings more. Or perhaps when a family issue is bothering you and you need spiritual guidance.

Art on this page by Cyra. R Cancel and animal symbols by C.Owen