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Most people know their sun sign and maybe their moon sign and rising sign. But for a complete and overall picture of how your personality works, there are many other considerations to take into account. The rest of the planets in our solar system - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Where they are situated in a horoscope. The houses, signs and aspects or influences and energies they receive from other planets.

Astrology Charts

I have done many charts, for different people over the years. Each one is an exciting and fresh revelation. A constant source of amazement and intrigue for me. Everyone I have ever done has revealed some sort of surprise, secret, possibility. Each one unique and different. Each chart is always treated with complete confidentiality as I feel it is a very private and personal thing. What people do with it after, or who they tell is obviously their choice. It's an incredibly fascinating and interesting way to get to really know and understand what makes a person tick. How and why they behave in a certain manner. And also for me, knowing for example a person’s rising sign, sun, moon or mercury sign I can be a little more forgiving and understanding about those irritating, odd or weird behaviour and habits.


These are full personality reports with all planets and include:

- Major and minor aspects

- Retrograde planets

- Balance of elements (earth, air, fire, water)

- Special patterns and/or themes

- Strengths and weaknesses

- Astrological links with animals, herbs, tarot, Celtic symbols, crystals, female rulers etc.


All charts are individually researched by hand and presented in a folder which includes 16+ A4 pages. All about YOU. Further information, just contact me.

Astrology Keywords



Direct, Headstrong, Impulsive, Adventurous, Enthusiastic, Enterprising, Initiating, Spontaneous and Impatient.

Tarot card: Emperor

Colours: Magentas, cherry, crimsons, carmines, oranges, bright browns, reds, fire and flame shades.

(Crystals):  Bloodstone, ruby, garnet, red jasper, sunstone, fire agate, tektite, *super 7



Loyal, Practical, Sensuous, Steady, Determined, Affectionate, Purposeful, Luxurious and Over indulgent.

Tarot card: Hierophant

Colours: Pinks, blues, pastel and soft shades, creams, yellows, vanilla, pale mauves and light browns.

(Crystals):  Malachite, rose/strawberry quartz, peach moonstone, chrysanthemum stone, septarian, emerald.



Light hearted Humorous, Adaptable, Versatile, Communicative, Elusive, Curious, Cooperative and Nervous.

Tarot card: Lovers

Colours: Violets, mid blues, azurite, and purples, yellow,  pale orange, silvery, checked and sparkly shade

(Crystals):  Agate, beryl, tigers eye, Dalmatian jasper, cherry opal, howlite, topaz, tanzanite.



Caring, Sensitive, Feeling, Psychic, Nurturing, Emotional, Protective, Imaginative and Clingy.

Tarot card: Chariot

Colours: Silvery white, delicate pastel shades, greys, pale blues and lemons, pearls and creams, dusky pink.

(Crystals):  Opal, aquamarine, selenite, moonstone, lemon opal, blue calcite, amber, citrine, sodalite.



Self-assured, Confident, Strong, Expressive, Sincere, Loyal, Playful, Charismatic and Vain.

Tarot card: Strength

Colours: All shades of the rising and setting sun. Bright yellows, gold’s, bronzes, ambers and saffron.

(Crystals):  Tigers eye, sunstone, cinnabar, fire agate, tangerine quartz, amber, bumble bee jasper.



Self-reliant, Helpful, Precise, Unselfish, Thoughtful, Observant, Skilful, Fussy and Fault finding.

Tarot card: Hermit

Colours: Greys, muted browns, teal, violets, azure blues, clear and soft greens, sage green and blues.

(Crystals):  Moss/tree agate, amazonite,  purple obsidian, carnelian, zebra jasper, amethyst,  sugalite.



Impartial, Balanced, Sociable, Graceful, Artistic, Harmonising, Loving, Diplomatic and Indecisive.

Tarot card: Justice

Colours: Soft greens, clear greens and blues, yellows, mauves, rose pinks,  carmine, peaches and pale lilacs.

(Crystals):  Rose quartz, jade, lapis lazuli, celestite, rainbow obsidian, green moonstone, celestobarite.



Healer, Intense, Profound, Resourceful, Passionate, Perceptive, Concentrated, Transforming and Destructive.

Tarot card: Death

Colours: Deep dramatic reds and scarlet’s, cherry’s, deep greens and blues and rich browns, plum red/violet.

(Crystals):  Smoky quartz, Bloodstone, apache tear, shiva lingham, mahogany obsidian,  jet, poppy jasper.  



Inspirational, Teacher, Expansive, Optimistic, Philosophical, Independent, Far reaching and Dissatisfied.

Tarot card: Temperance

Colours: Deep blues, violets,  mauves, purples, lavenders, indigos, bright greens/emeralds and midnight blues.

 (Crystals):  Azurite, charoite, snowflake/purple obsidian, bumble bee jasper, sodalite, tangerine quartz.


Trustworthy, Organised, Spiritual, Loyal, Dedicated, Responsible, Dependable, Experienced and Demanding.

Tarot card: Devil

Colours: Dark shades of blues and greens, Indigos, blacks, purples, maroons and clarets.  Forest green shades.

( Crystals):  Black onyx, obsidian, malachite, tourmaline, desert rose,  jet, lapis lazuli,  golden tigers eye.


Humanitarian, Intuitive, Social, Visionary, Eccentric, Detached, Experimental, Futuristic and Aloof.

Tarot card: Star

Colours: Electric and rich deep blues, turquoises, violets, silvery and dazzling white shades  ice white/blue.

(Crystals):  Turquoise, aquamarine, moonstone, crazy lace agate, chrysanthemum stone, hematite,.



Imaginative, Creative, Artistic, Spiritual, Impressionable, Mystical, Compassionate, Meditative and Paranoid.

Tarot card: Moon

Colours: All soft sea and ocean blues and greens, misty turquoises, lilacs and mauves, lavender, silver green/blue.

(Crystals):  Blue lace agate, amethyst, fluorite, orange spirit quartz, calcite, lemon opal,  tanzanite, *super 7.

*A little note:  super 7 is a crystal of all 12 signs.  Other sources may differ.  And finally, the above list is not set in stone!  if you feel comfortable with other crystals, this is absolutely fine.  There are no rules!



1st House

House of self-personal appearance, body language.  The First impression of us to other people and the image we give of our own personality and character.   Our approach to life and how we see things through this sign. How we initially meet life in general.  Getting things started (or not).


2nd House

Resources. Values, what we personally value, possess or need to make us feel good and in harmony with ourselves, through the planets ruling this house.  Self-esteem, self-worth. How we feel about our physical body. Our physical comforts.  Our materialistic world.  An earthy and sensual house.


3rd House

Immediate environment, short journeys/travel. Learning experience and early school life.  How best we learn and take in information.   All communication. Relationship with siblings, family unit, neighbours and extended family etc. General contact with other people.  State of mind (mentally).


4th House

Family, home, roots, identity. Childhood, memories, responses. Where we go to feel safe, secure and protected. Our inner "home" and life. Mother, females, nurturing abilities. Private and emotional life and needs.  Relationship with our "inner self" - on a deeper more sensitive and psychological side.  Family - both past and present..  Relating to those close to us.


5th House

Romantic relationships. Creative expression and identity (thro' this). Pleasure doing what makes us feel good, special, happy and alive. How we approach this state. Our sense of playfulness, vitality and inner child. Taking risks and chances.  What you do well.  Energy and focus, but also the ability to relax, let go a little.


6th House

Health, diet, exercise. Work. What we do daily and how we cope, manage and fulfil this. Reaction to everyday routine. Maintaining our health, physical and mental. Caring for those that depend on us including pets, animals, and our earth.  Our outer world.  Planets here may suggest types of illnesses, allergies etc.  Balance of work and play.


7th House

All relationships and partnerships within our life. What we look for in a perfect relationship, perhaps qualities which we lack and seek subconsciously in somebody else. What is hidden within us. House of karma (how we treat and behave towards others).  One to one relationships.  The patterns of relationships/partnerships.


8th House

Sexuality. Occult and hidden (secrets). Psychic, spiritual and deeper understanding of life. Joint and shared resources, what we have to offer others within a relationship, and vice versa. Death - the ending of a life cycle and the beginning of another. Inheritance, finances.  Life-phases.  Other people's inner world.


9th House

Further and higher education, learning and study. Philosophy, beliefs and religion. Longer journeys, spiritual and physical. Going beyond the 3rd house experiences. Broader life perspectives. Understanding and respecting other beliefs, cultures.  Discovery, truth.  The world and how we reach out to it.


10th House

Public life. Outside the home (opposite 4th house), community status and reputation. Responsibilities, ambitions, career. Sense of discipline.  Father, males, authoritive & famous figures. ( also include strong women).  How we like others to see us.  Where we would like to eventually be in terms of ambition and status.


11th House

Sisterhood, brotherhood, friendships. Shared and mutual interest and creative expression. Communal issues. Visions, hopes and inspirations for the future. Humanitarian causes and concerns. Spiritual unity. Freedom.  Group consciousness.  Behaviour within a group situation.  What we tend to gravitate to.


12th House

Spiritual, alternative healing. Retreats, sanctuaries, institutions. Spiritual and mystical interests. Psychic abilities. Solitude. Endings, beginnings. Secret/hidden enemies. Emotional, mental health.  Self-undoing through negativity and weakness. The subconscious mind. Karma.  Intuitive awareness.   Sympathy/empathy.  Dreams.  Visions.

Astrological Aspects

Aspects between various planets and sensitive points in a chart is the energy or interplay and energy between these 2 points (planets).  I don’t feel there are “bad” aspects, but some are definitely more of a challenge than others and reflect within the personality.

There are many aspects which astrologers work with, I usually use the following ones, which seem to work well for me and are as below:


Conjunction (0 degree)

Generally the 2 planets are working powerfully together, with one planet being the most dominant. It also depends on whether the planet is moving away or towards the other point.  A waning aspect is not usually as strong.                                                                                                                   

Keywords: Focus, Emphasis, Interaction.

Semi Sextile (30 degrees)

Although not as strong as a full on sextile, the semi sextile has some definite and positive possibilities. Opportunities and small beginnings which with careful nurturing and planning can grow bigger as time passes.

Keywords: Awareness, Subtlety, Possibilities. 


Semi Square (45 degrees) 

Not as powerful as a square aspect, but this can and does cause minor frustrations and setbacks.  Little snags and hitches, that really need attention before they get out of hand and, before you can continue smoothly. 

Keywords: Unease, Tension, Unsettling.


Sextile (60 degrees)

A pleasant and harmonious aspect.  Full of promise, potential and opportunity. Relates easily and happily to others. 

Good self -expression.  Artistic and creative.  An eagerness to understand, expand awareness and share with others. 

Keywords: Intuitive, sociable, inspirational.


Quintile (72 degrees)

Often described as the mystical, spiritual aspect.  It shows the gifts you have to offer and share with the earth, with others.  A harmonious energy full of creativity and self expression.  Although (I feel) the energy is a little more subtle and perhaps hidden. 

Keywords: Creativity, Psychic, Spiritual.


Square 90 degrees)

A challenging, sometimes frustrating aspect.  Spiritually indicating problems that need to be faced and resolved in order to move freely forward (in a karmic sense).  Although often difficult, there is also strength to the character and a sense of purpose overcoming obstacles in life. 

Keywords: Challenge, Strength. Character.


Trine (120 degrees)

A positive, harmonious flow of energy.  Emphasising artistic creativity, a pleasing and friendly character.  Challenges and problems more easily accepted and overcame.  A joyful and optimistic view on many things.  Makes friends easily.  In fact seems to do mostly everything with ease.

Keywords: Harmonious, Ease. Comfort.


Quincunx (150 Degrees) 

An awkward and irritable aspect.  Usually always resulting in a kind of tense compromise having to be made.  A constant strain on the personality, difficulty in relating to others because of this awkwardness.  Perhaps a need to be more aware, more discerning regarding actions/reactions. 

Keywords:  Dilemma, Adjustments, Stress.

Opposition (180 degrees)

Can often result in a sort of tug of war and struggle to constantly having to compensate for this.  Although there is the ability to observe many angles of a situation or problem and it is slightly easier to resolve conflicts, it still remains a battle and never ending challenge to find a balance.

Keywords: Tension, Controversial, Confrontational. 

This is just a basic description of the above energies.  It will depend on other factors such as the overall chart.  The planets, signs and houses involved.