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Easy, relaxing, soothing and all you really need are candles and somewhere quiet and that's not absolutely essential either. A candle has all the 4 elements within it (symbolically). Earth is the solid wax. Fire is the flame. Air, the smoke, and water is the melting candle wax. You can, but don’t have to work with the moon phases (see my page). And also choose a day most appropriate to your need, wish, spell, blessing.


(Moon) All women’s, children, domestic and family issues. Fertility, psychic, perceptive and intuitive energies. Emotional and gentle healing. For sensitive, mystical and imaginative projects.  Issues concerning the home.  Moon and Goddess related magic.  Empathy, compassion, sympathy. Healing with herbs and crystals.

(Mars) Self-reliance and independence. Passion, strength, energy, positive action and vitality, dynamic energy. Standing up for yourself.  Helping and standing up for others. Starting and completing projects. Overcoming health issues. (recuperation).  Spells/blessings for a particular purpose and direction .  Job seeking.  Work/career related.  Self-empowerment.

(Mercury) All forms of communication, learning, studying, research. Being more flexible and adaptable. Short journeys, travel and breaks.   Visiting and getting in touch with others. Tolerating other people's views etc. Thoughts and senses.  Learning a new skill.  Help with revision, exams, and interviews.  Moving, relocating.

(Jupiter) Optimism, inspiration, aspiration. Increasing, reaching out. Wisdom, luck, fortune, justice and fairness. Seeing all angles of a situation/dilemma.  Opportunities.  Giving.  Sharing.  Belief/faith.  Guidance, learning curves.   Higher learning.  Spiritual quest.  Prosperity.  Resources.  General relationships/partnerships/friendships.  Reaching out.  Creativity.

(Venus) All love magic, beauty, art and nature. Self-expression, creativity, balancing emotional energies. Gentle healing. Mending quarrels, disagreements, conflicts. Peaceful, calming energies. Friendships Self-acceptance, sensuality.  Co-operation, working together.  Animals, pets.  Mother earth.  Environment issues.  Green issues.  Peace, calm, inner balance and harmony.

(Saturn) Banishing, ending, overcoming negative energies, illness and pain. Letting go. Older people. The past. Embracing what is and, learning by past mistakes. Knowledge and experiences.  Maturity.  Self knowledge,  Re-structure and re-assessing life.  Psychic (protection).  Resolution.  Conclusion.  Closure.  Formal matters - business, law etc.


(Sun) Self-confidence, self-empowerment, male issues, including fathers, father figures. (male) health issues. All creative ventures and potential projects. Joy, zest for life. Love, blessing and embracing life and the earth. Bringing vitality into your life. Purpose. Life directions.  Self awareness.  Positive encouragement.  Independence.  Ambition, successful projects and achievement.

A few other things to remember: never leave a lighted candle unattended. That is, don’t go out for the day, leaving them alight. I only ever use 1 candle (or however many I need) for one ritual, blessing, spell and I always leave them to burn down naturally. The colour is not essential, but it is nice if you can use the right colour for what you're doing. However, a white candle will always be appropriate, and a substitute for a coloured one. If possible, always use a good quality candle. Some cheaper ones tend to give out not nice chemicals and things.

You might like to "charge" your candle first. This is just kind of communicating the energies you wish to attract within in it. And also inscribing it. There are many schools of thought over this, but I would say, three times is plenty. But as always, do what you feel is right. 

Finally "dressing" the candle, this is really just gently anointing it with an essential oil of your choice. You may wish to draw an invisible circle of protection around you. This just keeps all positive energies in and negative energies out. And the one simplest way is clockwise, imagining a bright white/blue light as you draw a circle around yourself. Perhaps reciting a little prayer dedicated to your choice of goddess as you light your candle and leave it to burn down. Remembering to uncast your circle anticlockwise.

Candle Colours

Although it's not essential to use a coloured candle and, white will do as an excellent substitute.  It is sometimes nice to use a different coloured candle for your blessings and spells.  Below are a few possibilities, but as usual, please use whatever colour feels right for you.   Use traditional matches to light your candle rather than a lighter, it's more natural. I personally always leave my candles to burn down naturally and then dispose of the wax and anything else, with the help of the natural elements Never leave a candle unattended, particularly around young children or animals.

AMBER: Patron Saint of pagans/wiccans/witches. Guardian and keeper of ancient knowledge and magic.


BUTTERCUP/DEEP YELLOW: Warm hearted, focused, joyful, positive, spirited.

BROWN: Indecision, uncertainty, practical matters, earth blessings, grounding, animals.


CINNAMON: Compatibility, earthiness, grounding, comfort, relationships, home life

CLOVER/DUSKY PINK: Unconditional love, emotional balancing, friendship, new love, gentleness.

DARK BLUE: Wisdom, knowledge, psychic energies, employment, seeking employment, problems within a working environment.

ELECTRIC/BRIGHT BLUES. AZURE:  Uniqueness, originality, open-minded, alternative healing, psychic, mystical.

EMERALD/DEEP GREENS: Love, uplifting, resources/money, good health.

GREEN: Finances, fertility, peace, harmonizing, natural healing.

GREY: Neutral and balancing energies, peaceful, protecting.

GOLD/YELLOW: Joyfulness,  resources, positivity, boldness.

GOLD/ORANGE: Health, vibrancy, zest for life, coping energies, ambition.

ICE WHITE/BLUE WHITE: Honesty. Truth. Intuition. Innocence, Pure love/intentions.

IVORY/CREAM/MAGNOLIA:  Calmness, peace of mind, gentle balancing and restoring hope.  Babies.

INDIGO: Psychic powers, intuition, perception, karmic energies.

LAVENDER: Spiritual, mystical energies, Intuition, gentle healing and protective qualities, soothing, restful.

LIGHT BLUE: Calmness, tranquillity, healing energies.

LILACS/PALE MAUVE/AMETHYST:  Gentle, loving energies, spiritual  healing/insight, inner peace and harmony, compassion.

NIGHT BLUE/DEEP SAPPHIRE: Fairness, sincerity, trust, guidance, commitment.


ORANGE: Creativity, imagination, vitality, self-confidence,.

ORCHID: Passionate, uniqueness, exotic, empowering, individuality, joyfulness.

PALE SKY/LIGHT BLUES:  Hope, faith, patience, serenity, purity, honesty, intuitiveness, gentleness. 

PALE GREEN/JADE GREEN: Hope, harmony, comforting, natural magic, peacefulness.

PALE LEMON: Fresh starts, young children, gentle communication.

PEACH: Joy, light-heartedness, co-operation, unity, friendship, younger people, children, inner child.

PEARL SHIMMERY SHADES: Spiritualism, sensitivity, moon & Angel magic, protection.

PINK: Emotional healing, gentle loving energies, happiness, family issues.

POMEGRANATE/CARMINE:  Decisive action.  Strong minded women.  Positive changes, enthusiastic.

PUMPKIN GOLD. NATURAL AMBER:  Intelligence, prosperity, social, joyful, goal orientated, career minded.


PURPLE: Spirituality, psychic energies, beliefs, aspirations.

RED: Love, passion, purpose, strength, energy, courage.

RUBY/CHERRY: Self-empowerment, Depth, passion, love, power, energy, movement.

SAFFRON/RICH SPICE: Earth magic, environmental issues, animal's health.

SAGE/SILVER GREEN: Spiritual and emotional healing, natural magic, comforting, intuition, moon magic.

SILVER: Moon magic, women's issues, psychic intuition, spiritual love.

SILVERY BLUES/GREYS:  Moon magic, psychic energies, protection, trust, comforting, women, children.

SEA BLUES/GREENS: Soothing, gentle healing energies, spiritual, serenity.

TEAL/DEEP AQUA:  Soothing and healing energies, perception, decision making, wise choices, positivity.

TURQUOISE/AQUA: Serenity, harmony, travel - especially long distance, natural healing energies, reflection.

VIOLETS: Psychic, intuition, inspirational, spiritual.

YELLOW: Communication, concentration, study, logic, mental powers. vision.

As well as candle colours, I feel these - and many other shades, I've not included work well with other magic such as charm bags.

Candle Spells


Healing spell
A light blue or lavender coloured candle. Strength tarot card or any which you feel appropriate. Peppermint, marjoram, lemon balm, tansy, or thyme. Pink crystal. A waning moon is best, for decreasing, banishing, and letting go of pain or illness. Place tarot card under candle, circle with chosen herbs, place crystal in front of candle and light the candle. Focus on what you wish to let go of and heal. Be still for a while. Within the hour prepare and drink a soothing herbal tea, and again focus on what you wish to banish. Try this for 2-4 mornings each week. This is quite helpful and relaxing, especially for emotional problems.

Easy Good luck spell

Thursday is the best day for this (ruled by Jupiter) and morning time, if at all possible.  Some clover leaves, heather flowers, oak leaves or rowan berries (or whatever you feel is appropriate for you).  White, or green candle.  Light your candle.  Visualize/meditate on your wishes and changing your luck to positive.  Leave candle to burn down.  Gather all remains of herbs and candle and bury near a living, healthy plant.  As the plant grows and blossoms, so too will your luck.

Friendship candle spell

Two pale pink, clover pink, peach, apricot or white candles.  Rose quartz, jade, misty white crystals, pink rose petals and small length of ribbon in any of the above colours. Any day is suitable, although Mondays and Fridays are especially good.

Loosely tie candles together leaving a smallish space between them so that the crystal can be put there (be sure no candle wax can drip on it) surround with rose petals and light your candles.   Visualize/remember happy, peaceful, good, fun, serious, even unhappy and despairing times. This is lovely for strengthening bonds, or where you feel you are drifting apart.  Gently and lovingly pulls you together again.  As usual leave candles to burn down naturally.  Remove ribbon whole and keep somewhere safe.

De-stress/anxiety spell

A turquoise, pale blue or white candle.  Soft music - preferably instrumental or chant music.  Rose petals, sandalwood, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender (or any herbs that make you feel happy/relaxed).  A pale blue, white, pink, or creamy crystal.  Light your candle surrounded by your chosen herbs.  Hold your chosen crystal near to you and as the candle burns, transfer your anxiety/stress into the crystal.  Sit for as long as you wish.  Let the candle burn down naturally.  Remember to cleanse your crystal.  The act of just being still is relaxing and calming, so try to do this a few times a week. It really does help soothe and calm.   Any time of day is fine, morning is probably nicer, just to start the day relaxed, but obviously not always possible.

Stop malicious gossip

2 candles - 1 white and 1 black.  Incense (of choice).  Small amount of salt water.  Ribbon (see colours above) choose which you feel to be appropriate.  Wednesday morning is best for this.  Make a circle with your coloured choice of ribbon (tie knot x 3).  Sprinkle salt water lightly round ribbon. Light your incense. Write the name of your harasser x3 on paper backwards. Light  black candle and burn the piece of paper  (caution with flame please).     When black candle has burnt down, light your white candle and visualise positive, good and harmonious energies.   See your harasser fading away, backing off.  Cut your ribbon in 3 places.  Collect up all remains and bury deep in the earth.