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My Charm bags can be made up to suit almost any occasion, for example: psychic protection, courage, confidence, love, relationships etc. They will last 3 - 4 months and can be re filled if wished. Obviously they do not instantly guarantee a miraculous cure for all problems but the gentle healing energies help along with your belief. Please see photo, for an example.

Charm bags may be carried around with you in your pocket, handbag etc. or hidden somewhere in your home, put somewhere special.

Astrological bags are particularly popular for example your sun/moon sign is an "Aquarius" The charm bag might include some of the following: blue, violet or turquoise colours. Hyssop, sage, marjoram or patchouli oils. Chamomile, clover or cinnamon herbs. An azurite, obsidian or hematite crystal. I like to think of charm bags as little portable bags of spells and blessings.  A little bag of protection.

Remembering no 2 bags will ever be exactly the same. All ingredients are carefully sourced and as organic and natural as possible. Some of the herbs are from my garden so I know they are natural and well cared for!

As well as the contents of each sachet being important and relevant for its intended purposes, the bag itself is also important and symbolic. Below is a brief reason for the items used in my sachets and charm bags.

Made from cotton material. In the colour of your choice or colour appropriate for its use. Usually the material is shades rather than a block of colour.   But I will gladly use a block or one colour only. So if you decided you would like a purple one, this would include shades of this colour.  Or just a plain block colour.

The ribbon: usually two shades (the number 2 symbolising perfect balance and harmony) and appropriately coloured for its purpose. Ribbons and knots are used to help bind and protect from negative energies and so keeping the sachets contents completely secure. Tying a ribbon to a tree is also a way of honouring our earth, guardian spirits and various Goddesses.

The beads: usually always 3. A number symbolising creative expression and energy. Also the past present and future. The triple Goddess, maiden, mother and crone. As well as representing our earth, the full moon and the unbroken or never ending circle. The colour of these will also reflect the purpose of the charm bag. Although more usually I will add 4, to represent the four elements - earth, air, fire and water. As I feel this is more balancing.  Plus a little charm of your choice, or which would be appropriate for it's use.

The feather: an air element. Helping to focus and concentrate energy where it is most needed. Bringing you clarity and messages, perhaps from spiritual sources. Also promoting change and helping you to move from a bad situation. Feathers are also cleansing. Sometimes used in clearing and cleansing the aura. I usually tie a tiny white tag with the initial of your first name, in Witch alphabet. This I feel gives it a more personal touch making it more YOU.


Charm bags will include some of the following herbs and oils, perhaps other herbs, oils will be included as appropriate. There are also many, many variations of each one.  So if there's anything you particularly want adding, I will do my best to do this for you.

A Little note:

Some of these charm bags may sound good enough to eat! But please remember they are not edible and none of the contents should ever be ingested. Also they should not be given to small children to play with. Firstly they are not toys and secondly the little beads and charms may be put in little mouths and swallowed or choked on. So just keep out of reach of children and also pets 

Another little note. Below is just a small sample of what a charm bag will include:  I may include other herbs, oils crystals which will be just as appropriate. 


Betony, dill leaves, lavandin, clary sage, chamomile flowers, valerian leaves, lemon grass, vanilla, sweet pea flowers..

Crystals: Azurite, rose/tangerine quartz, sunstone.

Colours: Sea blues, greens, pale purples, soft misty shades.


Rose petals, grapefruit, black pepper, orange, carnation, pine, borage flowers, may chang, woodruff.

Crystals: Mahogany obsidian, red jasper, garnet, orange calcite.

Colours:  Bright greens, yellows, fuchsia, carmine.

Calming and de-stressing

Herbs and oils: Orange blossom, lemon verbena, St. John’s wort, chamomile, clary sage, hyssop, lavender, jasmine, rose geranium.

Crystals: Azurite, variscite, Botswana agate and howlite. 

Colours: Blues, pale turquoises and greens, soft misty shades.


Apple blossom, peach blossom, strawberry, blue mallow, angelica, chamomile flowers, hollyhock, rose geranium, lavender flowers.

Crystals: Rose quartz, blue-lace-agate, peach moonstone, angelite.

Colours: Pale-mid pinks, blues, lemon, almond, silver-white.


Spearmint, eyebright, sweet fennel, cornflowers, dill leaves, centaury, horehound, rue leaves, patchouli leaves.

Crystals: Aquamarine, charoite, blue calcite, fluorite.

Colours: Clear, pale greens, blues, lemon.


Cherry blossom, clary sage, black pepper, blue mallow, peach blossom, rose petals, spearmint leaves, lemon balm leaves.

Crystals: Rose quartz, pink agate, peach moonstone, ocean jasper.

Colours: Pale greens, pinks, apricot, turquoise, sea green/blue


Herbs and oils: Cinnamon, pennyroyal, thyme, lime blossom, rosemary, lemon grass, vanilla, grapefruit and spearmint.

Crystals:  Turquoise, agates, green calcite, blue crystals.

Colours: Soft blues, yellows ,lemon, dark cyan/teal and deep pinks.



Herbs and oils: Elderflower, basil, sunflower, sandalwood, orange, musk, cinnamon, saffron, juniper,  coriander, ginger, woodruff.

Crystals: Sunstone, peridot, amber and jasper

Colours: Oranges, reds ,ruby red and gold’s.  Deep blues.


Peppermint, ho-wood, nettle, sunflower, sweet fennel, black pepper, borage, ginger, ash leaves, carnation.

Crystals: Beryl, lapis lazuli, sunstone, fire agate.

Colours: Reds, orange, cerise, cherry, mulberry.


White rose petals, geranium leaves, primrose, lemon, sunflower/pumpkin seeds, peony flowers, frankincense, willow.

Crystals: Garnet, moss agate, crazy-lace agate.

Colours: Of choice.


Herbs and oils:  Geranium, angelica,  basil, vanilla, hyssop, spearmint, lavender, oak leaves, orange blossom.

Crystals: Sodalite, jasper, orange calcite.

Colours: Mid reds, fuchsia, silvers, teal.

Earth healing

Any blossoms, leaves, herbs, roots, oils of choice.

Crystals: misty, pale, rainbow shades (although any crystal which you feel happy with).                                                                                                                                Colours: All silvery, earthy, green shades.

Emotional balancing

All sages, patchouli, palmrosa, sweet fennel, horehound, orange,  mandarin, basil leaves, liquorice root.

Crystals: Rainbow moonstone, poppy jasper, ocean jasper, carnelian.

Colours: Dusky/clover pinks, lilacs, ocean blues/greens, misty white shades.

Emotional healing

chamomile flowers, apple blossom, marjoram, vervain, yarrow leaves, lemon tea tree, citronella, may chang.

Crystals:  Rainbow moonstone, eilat stone, lemon opal, crazy lace agate.

Colours: Magenta, fuchsia, mauves, lilacs, violets.


Lemon balm, allspice, lime blossom, rose and marigold petals, chamomile, yarrow flowers, basil, lily of the valley.

Crystals: Turquoise, pink opal, moonstone, angelite, sodalite.

Colours: Pale mint/apple and soft greens, pale aquas, lilac.


Energy and vitality

Herbs and oils: Red rose petals, orange, grapefruit, ginger, geranium, black pepper, basil and pennyroyal.  Patchouli. 

Crystals: Sunstone, red jasper, citrine.

Colours: Yellows, oranges,  poppy red and fire shades.  


Exams and revision

Herbs and oils: Sage, rosemary, apple blossom, almond, fennel, cloves, patchouli, grapefruit, spearmint, skullcap and frankincense.

Crystals: striped agate and tiger’s eye.

Colours: Yellows and turquoises.  Gold-orange.


Hyacinth, pink rose petals, spikenard, basil, clover flowers, lemon balm, coriander  seeds, myrrh, orange.

Crystals: Mookaite jasper, aquamarine, labradorite, moonstone.

Colours: Rose pink, peach/apricot, pale sky blues.


Bay, basil, strawberry leaves, coconut oil, pennyroyal, mints, borage, orange blossom, tarragon.

Crystals: Moonstone, tree agate, rose quartz.

Colours: Pinks, peaches, silvers.



Herbs and oils: Sage, yarrow, white petals, light musk, marigold, lemon grass, jasmine, may chang, chickweed, and vanilla. Ylang ylang. 

Crystals: Amethyst, rose quartz and moonstone.

Colours: Pinks, lilacs and silvers.


Mace, clove, peppermint, water mint, beech leaves, holy basil, almond, eucalyptus leaves, apple.

Crystals: Striped agate, hematite, howlite, calcite.

Colous: Yellow, buttercup, orange, spice.


Rose petals, valerian root, parsley, frankincense, hyssop, chamomile, blue mallow flowers, pine, rue leaves.

Crystals: Apache tear, celestite, angelite, obsidian.

Colours: Pinks, rose, pale lavender/violet, silver-blue.


Herbs and oils: Orange and apple blossom, geranium, tansy, marigold, violets, meadowsweet, lemon, pear blossom and jasmine.

Crystals: Sunstone and rose quartz (other pink crystals also)

Colours: Pinks, lilacs, purples and peach.  Cinnamon.


Herbs and oils:  Chilli pepper seed, violet, agrimony leaves, elm bark, rue, thyme, sandalwood, cloves.

Crystals:  Black obsidian, azurite.

Colours:  Indigo, Greys/blues, purples.


Black pepper, cedarwood, passion flower, oak moss, oak leaves, lovage, yarrow, sandalwood, blue flax, skullcap.

Crystals: Mahogany obsidian, red jasper, hematite, gypsum.

Colours: Earthy shades, forest greens, deep spice shades.


Marigold petals, betony, clary sage, juniper berries, hawthorn, chamomile, ylang ylang.

Crystals: Bloodstone, sodalite, variscite.

Colours: Blacks - with other shades, cloudy, soft shades.



Herbs and oils: Strawberry, myrtle, marjoram, violet, bergamot, sandalwood, may chang and orange blossom.

Crystals: Snakeskin agate and rainbow obsidian.

Colours: Pale oranges, pinks and lilacs.  Canary yellow.


Harmony and inner balance

Herbs and oils: Vanilla, myrtle, orange, rose petals, jasmine, lavender, marjoram. meadowsweet and vervain.

Crystals: Hematite and amazonite.

Colours: Purples and greens.  Amethyst. Misty violet.



Herbs and oils: Angelica, cinnamon, horehound, self-heal, peppermint, sandalwood, chamomile, St. John’s wort and lemongrass.

Crystals: Amethyst and sunstone.

Colours Light blues, greens and pinks.   Sea blues/greens.


Carraway, pine cone, rue, patchouli, bay, oak leaves/bark, angelica, marjoram. bay leaves, rose geranium.

Crystals: Jasper, malachite, onyx, obsidian, angelite.

Colours: Deep apricot, golds, cinnamon, deep browns/spice.


Spearmint, lemon grass, eucalyptus leaves, grapefruit, peppermint, clary sage, ash leaves, cinnamon, rosemary.

Crystals: Tiger eye, cats eye, angel hair, green/pink agate.

Colours: Of your choice (First steps in deciding!)

Inner strength

Lemon balm, pimento berry, pennyroyal, tarragon, mullein, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, yarrow.

Crystals: Aquamarine, amozonite, red, orange crystals.

Colours: Mid oranges, magenta, gold-oranges, fire/sun shades.


Agrimony, chickweed, rowan berries, hyssop, borage, mullein leaves, yarrow, jasmine flowers, cardamom.

Crystals: Blue-lace-agate, amethyst, orange calcite, sunstone.

Colours: Pale purples, deep peach/apricot, mid reds.


Juniper, clary sage, mugwort, anise, rowan berries, meadowsweet, sandalwood, rose hips, gardenia.

Crystals: Azurite, shiva lingham, celstobarite, clear quartz, white agate.

Colours: Violets, sloe/night blues, sapphire, purple- blue.



Herbs and oils: Rowan, vervain, nutmeg, honeysuckle, spearmint, willow, spikenard, rosemary, angelica and patchouli.

Crystals Citrine, sunstone and lizard jasper.

Colours: Oranges and purples.  Mulberry.  Cerise, deep lavender.



Herbs and oils: Lemon, bergamot, hollyhock,  orange, basil, sea salt, nutmeg, lemongrass, mint and fennel.

Crystals: Sunstone and obsidian.

Colours: Blues and deep and rich browns, spice.


Joy and luck

Herbs and oils: Borage, clover, clary sage, marigold, mints, sandalwood, cinnamon, marjoram and rose petals.  Orange. 

Crystals: Sunstone, fluorite and agate.

Colours: Gold’s, pinks ,plum, saffron and greens.


Saffron, cloves, yew, aniseed, costmary, myrrh, eucalyptus, basil, marigold flowers, cinnamon, dandelion.

Crystals: Aquamarine, hematite, banded agate.

Colours: Deep blues, purples, indigo.

Letting go

Grapefruit, may chang, lemon grass, chickweed, ylang ylang, fennel, hyssop, daisy, lilac.

Crystals: Snowflake obsidian, citrine, angelite, charoite.

Colours: Lavender, ivory, black-silver, chalk-silver, silver-pink.

Life Changes 

Lemon tea tree, cypress, myrtle, mandarin, iris, cornflowers, passion flowers, eucalyptus leaves, vanilla.

Crystals: Moss agate, super seven, charoite, labradorite.

Colours: Deep greens, vibrant shades (colour of choice).


Anise, spikenard, marjoram, jasmine, myrtle, sweet pea, ylang ylang.

Crystals:  Mookaite jasper, snowflake obsidian, rose quartz, chrysanthemum.

Colours: Emerald green, deep peach, silvers, turquoise.



Herbs and oils: Jasmine, vanilla, lemon balm, cherry blossom, red clover, patchouli leaves, red rose petals, musk and ylang ylang.

Crystals: Rose quartz, pink kunzite, amber, strawberry quartz.

Colours: Reds,  pomegranate,  carmine and deeper pinks.

Maintaining health

Corriander, cypress, ash leaves, oak bark, spearmint, lemon, tansy, thyme, lemon eucalyptus, cowslip, rue.

Crystals: Ocean jasper, gaia stone, turquoise, rose quartz.

Colours: Pinks, peaches, pale blue, green, turquoise.

Material resources

Nettle leaves, flax, blackberry leaves, basil, cloves, bergamot, elderflowers, honeysuckle, mints.

Crystals: Moss agate, garnet, pyrite, citrine.

Colours: Saffron, gold, pumpkin,  yellow-orange, rich browns


Lemon, clove, holy basil, rosemary, peppermint leaves, eyebright, caraway, lilac flowers, mace.

Crystals: Blue calcite, citrine, super seven.

Colours: Apricot, yellow, saffron, deep lemon.


Apple, orange blossom, lemon balm flowers, St. Johns wort flowers, borage, tangerine, rosewood, thyme, bluebell, pettigrain.

Crystals: Poppy jasper, bumble bee jasper, orange/blue calcite, angel hair.

Colours: Silvers, lemon, apricot, amber, misty, creamy shades.


Yarrow leaves/flowers, oakmoss, magnolia, jasmine flowers, vervain, lavender flowers, pale rose petals.

Crystals: Peach moonstone, rainbow moonstone, angelite, citrine.

Colours: Mid gold browns, mid red gold, magenta, pale blue/silver.

Moon Energy

Angelica, aloe, daisy, pomegranate, sandalwood, willow, soft white blossoms/petals, yarrow.

Crystals: All types of moonstones and white crystals, ocean jasper, gaia.

Colours: Blue-silver, sage-silver, pearl, pale lavender.


Cloves, orange, oregano, grapefruit, cardamom, lemon bergamot, fennel, bay leaves, ginger, hawthorn.

Crystals: Zebra jasper, red jasper, kunzite, smoky quartz.

Colours: Bright reds, electric blues, yellow-gold, orange.


Self heal, ground ivy, ylang ylang, lemon grass, sandalwood, cherry blossom, coltsfoot, caraway.

Crystals: Bumble bee jasper, celestite, fluorite, septarian.

Colours: Clear blues, bright ocean shades, turquoise,  pale lemon.


Rose hips(dried), liquorice root, passion flowers, vanilla, lovage, apricot/apple blossom, jasmine, patchouli, coltsfoot.

Crystals: Kunzite, amazonite, jasper, ruby.

Colours: Reds, deep pinks, violet, carmine, magenta, poppy.


Cornflowers, cumin, apple blossom, bergamot, meadowsweet, jasmine, angelica,  magnolia flowers, olive leaves.

Crystals: Blue-lace agate, rose quartz, jade.

Colours: All pale shades, ivory, cream, silver-white.


Cedar, oak leaves, sage, vanilla, violet leaves, pine, vervain, lime blossom, comfrey leaves, elder.

Crystals: Howlite, banded agate, rainbow moonstone.

Colours: Sage greens, rich earth browns, dark blues.


Lemon, oak leaves, pennyroyal, costmary, cedarwood, comfrey, tansy, cornflowers, bay leaves.

Crystals: Lapis lazuli, mahogany obsidian, red/yellow jasper.

Colours: Indigos, earthy browns and bronzes, greens.


Grapefruit, patchouli, red clover flowers, St. Johns wort, meadowsweet, orange, tangerine, rowan.

Crystals: Sunstone, calcite, turquoise, lemon opal.

Colours: Purples, greens, oranges.


Clover, marjoram, heather, ginger, saffron, blackberry leaves, ash leaves, fenugreek, peach, sunflower.

Crystals: Pyrite, all gold yellow stones, clear crystals.

Colours: Silver, gold, bronze, deep greens, lime green.


Honeysuckle, saffron, juniper, pomegranate, heartsease, yarrow leaves, borage, bay, elm leaves, star anise.

Crystals: Black tourmaline, black obsidian (all crystals that "feel" right for you)

Colours: Indigo, purples, deep blues/lavenders, silver.


Psychic protection 

Herbs and oils: Rowan berries, bay leaves, violet, vervain, red clover, thyme, peppermint, marigold and lemon flower.

Crystals: Rainbow obsidian, malachite and amber.

Colours: Purples, greys and cloudy hues.  Indigo.


Cinnamon, patchouli, black horehound, cedarwood, lime, motherwort, plum blossom, catmint, witch hazel, peppermint, freesia.

Crystals: Azurite, carnelian, zebra jasper, rhodonite.

Colours: Yellow, deep lemon, orange, plum, clear reds.


Sandalwood, ylang ylang, dill, celandine, borage flowers,  lemon geranium leaves, juniper, tansy leaves.

Crystals: Chrysanthemum stone, shiva lingham, rhodochrosite, rose quartz.

Colours: Mid/sky blues, pale oranges, and greens.



Herbs and oils: Coriander, eucalyptus, yarrow, pine, sage, saffron, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg and citrus.

Crystals: Agate and sodalite.

Colours: Oranges, gold’s and reds.  Vermillion.  Orchid.


Self esteem

Herbs and oils: White rose petals, ginger, thyme, honeysuckle, horehound, basil, borage and marigold.

Crystals: Sugalite and moonstone.

Colours: Reds, deep yellows, blues and oranges.  Deep amber & apricot.


Orange, mandarin, black cohosh, sweet fennel, motherwort, freesia, marigold petals, sunflowers, violet.

Crystals: Crazy-lace agate, sodalite, rhodonite, yellow jasper.

Colours: Deep pinks, cherry reds, bright turquoise


Orange/peach blossom, marigold petals, willow, pink hyssop, vanilla, frankincense, may chang, birch leaves.

Crystals: Obsidian, apache tear, sardonyx, pink crystals.

Colours: Turquoises, silver-greens, lilac, lemon, misty shades.


Spiritual and mystical

Herbs and oils: Lemongrass, vervain, cornflower, marigold, juniper, rowan berries, heliotrope, apple blossom and cinnamon.

Crystals: Amethyst, azurite and obsidian.

Colours: Pale shades, purples, mauves and lilacs.  Pearl, sage/silvery green.



Herbs and oils: Yarrow, mints, fennel, star anise, rowan berries, vervain, eucalyptus, pine, patchouli and myrrh.

Crystals: Malachite, moonstone and aquamarine, ocean jasper.

Colours: Blues, turquoises, teal and greens.


Frangipani, bluebell, cypress, lavender flowers, violet leaves, basil, wild rose petals, basil leaves.

Crystals: Clear calcite, chrysanthemum, chryscolla, sugalite.

Colours: Creams, silver, spring green, soft pink, muted shades, night/sloe blue.


Eucalyptus leaves, spearmint, lemon mint, geranium, vanilla, sunflowers, orange, lemon verbena.

Crystals: Sunstone, celestite, tangerine quartz, tiger eye.

Colour: Buttercup yellow, clear greens, mid reds.


Eyebright, iris, sages, mistletoe, almond, cypress, peach blossom, sunflower, sandalwood, comfrey.

Crystals: Amethyst, Super seven, rainbow obsidian.

Colours: Violets, amethyst, blues and silvery blues.


Sages, yarrow leaves, vervain, chickweed, nutmeg, tansy, pomegranate, cowslip, white blossoms/petals.

Crystals: All moonstones, black obsidian, gaia, tektite, pink/lilac kunzite.

Colours: Silvers, lavender, soft, misty shades.


Wishes and hopes

Herbs and oils: Violet, sage, sandalwood, star anise, red clover, orange blossom, cherry blossom and sunflower.  Lemongrass.  Dandelion.

Crystals: Opal ,white agate and amethyst. 

Colours: Misty white shades, pale/minty greens.  Jade.


Betony, oregano, lilac flowers, hop flowers, bergamot, chamomile, lavandin, agrimony, jasmine blossom.

Crystals: Azurite, rose quartz, strawberry quartz, ocean jasper.

Colours: Sea blues, greens, pale purples, lilac, mauves.


As well as my charm bags, the above can also be made, using essential oils. These will obviously differ slightly, but the energy and essence remains. All my oils are as far as possible to my knowledge organically or part organically sourced from reputable suppliers. They are gentle and pure enough for the skin (perfume), in the bath or in an oil burner.

But as with using any skin product for the first time, do test first and any reaction, such as itchiness or red skin etc, don't continue to use.