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When choosing a crystal often you may just be drawn to one for no particular reason but that may be the ideal one for you. So trust and go with  your instincts and intuition. Hold two or three and if they "feel" right, then chances are they will be right. They don't have to correspond with other people's views, opinions - it's how you feel about them.

All crystals have their own special energies, for example healing plants and animals, dream working, meditation, focusing, confidence, energy, harmony, creativity, friendship, uplifting your spirits, etc. (The list is quite limitless really). Most crystals are associated with astrological sun signs. However I haven't put them here as sources differ so much and to be perfectly honest just because you might be a Leo or Capricorn it doesn't follow that you absolutely must use one of those crystals.

Please do try and be aware of their origins, how they were sourced.  A reputable seller will always know where their crystals originate from. And sometimes you will just 'know' when a crystal doesn't seem 'right', it may have a foggy, jaded, tired aura to it.  Although a couple of times I have actually 'rescued' a crystal - once from a dark, dusty kind of warehouse, it looked so dejected and out of place - but after having brought it home I cleansed it, let it stay awhile in the sun and it looks (and feels) so lovely and energetic and sparkly.

So do try and find a reputable seller as some crystals are cruelly mined and ripped from the earth regardless. ( as well as unscrupulous  employers.) And therefore, I feel will not do justice to your needs, as well as offending Mother earth and encouraging unfair working practices.


When somebody asked me to write about crystals, I didn’t really know where to begin as there are literally thousands of crystals. And new variations always coming on the market. However it has become so absorbing and absolutely delightful to come across a crystal that is new, or one that I've not heard of, or seen before.  Below are some from my collection, which I definitely hope will grow and grow.


A beautiful light blue crystal. It has spiritual qualities and helps bring peace and tranquillity into the user's life. A gently protective stone attracts positive energies wherever it is placed.

Angel hair

I bought this little crystal years ago, as it sounded and looked so gorgeous. A light yellow golden colour with what looks like little strands of hair in the middle, angel hair. A gently and lovingly protecting stone with uplifting energies and gives a feeling of security, when in a vulnerable or unsure situation.


A pale blue, green stone, with white stripes or flecks. As its name suggests it is a crystal of strength and inspires confidence and assurance to the user. It also balances energies and helps calm a potentially nervous and anxious situation by bringing a sense of understanding and knowing.


A lovely golden, yellow sunny stone. Formed from the fossilised resin of trees. A stone dedicated to honouring the earth goddess. It has soothing and calming qualities, helping you to feel more positive and relaxed. Helps de stress and balance emotions. A good stone to carry around when you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or lacking courage and confidence. Also a general protecting stone.


These can range from very light purple to very deep purple in colour. This is a crystal of spirituality, calmness, peace and love. This may help in removing negative energies and clearing the aura. A soothing and healing crystal for humans, animals and plants. Re-energising, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also a great crystal for decision making and choices. Or for just allowing possibilities to gently emerge, without forcing them.

Apache Tear

American native Indian women cried tears of grief and sorrow when their men were murdered by the white man. Their tears formed Apache Tear. A stone, therefore good at helping support and overcome grief, sorrow, distress and despair. Bringing comfort and healing energies into your life.


A gorgeous pale coloured crystal, with protecting (especially when travelling long distances) compassionate and gentle healing energies. Helps the user to be more decisive and sure when things seem muddled and confused. Also helps to be more spiritually aware and cleanses away any negative energy.

Black Amethyst

I was drawn to this crystal in a little shop in Glastonbury. It’s a gorgeous dark almost orange black crystal. It has relaxing, calm qualities, useful for meditating. Grounding and balancing energies and just lovely to have around.


Deep dark green or black with random bright red spots. Useful for when you need that extra push or more courage, especially when facing new challenges. Helps dispel feelings of self-doubt and other emotional blockages and negative energy flows.

Blue John

Its colour actually ranges from a midnight blue to rich stripy purples and is only found in Derbyshire England. It's a very lovely and comforting crystal, Ideal for spiritual and emotional healing. Calming, yet strong and balancing, especially during stressful life-changes and situations.

Blue Lace Agate 

A wonderfully pale sky blue colour. A peaceful, gently calming stone. Useful for when you need good communication in a potentially difficult situation. Also suitable for small children and pets, especially when feeling anxious or worries.

Brown Chrysanthemum

I love the delicate pattern of this stone. It gently encourages and inspires self-esteem and confidence. Grounding and down to earth. Encourages joy and laughter into your life, helping you to focus on the lighter, nicer side of life, helping to dispel gloominess and dreariness.

Bumble Bee Jasper 

The name is so appealing, I simply had to buy one and so glad I did because it really is wonderful. Stripy and coloured like a bumble bee. Just having it nearby it seems to send out joyful, loving and balancing energies. Balancing in the sense that it helps put things in perspective.


A pretty, sparkly mid blue crystal, associated with angel and spirit communication, as well as attracting protecting spirits.  Spiritual and loving energies, it helps keep worries and fears away, bringing uplifting, harmonious and positive energies into your life. Calming and balancing you.


These range from different purples and lilacs. Sometimes referred to as the “Soul stone”. A crystal for helping to let go and releasing fears, anxieties, worries and nightmares. This is a gentle healing crystal. Opening the heart to universal love, spirituality. Helping to realise that as one door of life closes another will open. Also helps with meditation and visualisation, an intuitive and perceptive crystal.

Cherry Opal

The word “opal” is believed to mean “precious stone” Cherry opal is a lovely shade of deep pink, rose red.  It enhances creativity and brings passion into your life. Especially when life seems a little mundane, or you’re feeling down. Cherry opal helps you to regain inspiration and energy.


The colours vary from gold, orange, yellow and amber. It helps protect being around negative people (human vampires, who seem to sap your energy, leaving you emotionally and physically tired and drained) influences. Also for balancing the energies, especially depression, anxiety, negativity etc. Helps the user move forward rather than keep looking back at what might have been. Clarity and working through problems.

Crazy Lace Agate

I adore the colour and pattern of this agate. Swirls and shades of mid to pale browns, creams, peaches. Incredibly emotionally balancing and harmonising. Brings fun and humour and happy feelings into your life. Helps you take things a little less seriously. Also helps to ease and heal emotional pain and sadness and focus on the present moment.

Dalmatian Jasper

A sweet little creamy, beige stone with black spots. Useful for its gentle healing and compassionate energies. It also helps balance energies, for example feeling over anxious, over stressed etc. Many types of jasper were used by shaman, healers, medicine men and women for protection during healing rituals.

Green Moonstone

Calming and gently healing. Intuitive and emotionally balancing. Green moonstone is a crystal of feminine energies, a woman's protecting stone. Encouraging positive thought. Empathy and understanding. Helping you to be in balance with earth’s natural energies, quite a nice crystal to work with outside, or just to carry around with you.


I'd forgotten I had this until I was reading a book that mentioned it. It's a lovely stone and used in many earth healing ceremonies and blessings, bringing luck and a sense of peace. It's a good stone for grounding yourself, for standing back and taking things slower, putting things together and into perspective.


A Bright silver, black colour. A stone of clarity and grounding. Helping to put problems in perspective. For negative and unpleasant situations. Also a stone of protection and attracting positive energies into your life.


This is another energising crystal. Ancients and shamans believed jasper’s powerful energies would protect them on their astral/otherworld journeys. It Balances and stabilizes emotional, physical energies. Brings clarity and awareness, guidance through meditation. Also protecting against negative influences. A crystal which promotes fairness, justice, equality.


The colours can range light, clear pinks through to darker pinks. A crystal for positive communication, sending loving and peaceful thoughts. Especially beneficial in relationships going through unhappy, difficult phases. Assists in removing energy, emotional blocks, fears, stress and replacing with a sense of calm, joy and balance. Also a crystal used in grounding after meditation and psychic work etc.


Close relation of the moonstone. A crystal of intuition, perception and psychic energies, helping us on our path to our destiny. Also helps to keep our aura balanced and protects from negative energies and influences, giving a positive, focused and clear mind. A crystal which reminds us of our inner worth, self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence.

Lemon Opal

A crystal of inspiration, intuition and creativity. It brings out happy and light hearted energies and also a sense of positivity and joyfulness, especially when some situations and issues feel heavy. This is a stone to help lighten and lessen those feelings.

Mahogany Obsidian

A gorgeous deep rich brown colour. It has the qualities of strength and determination and brings a sense of resolution and settlement to problems and negative situations in life, allowing you to move forward without hesitation or indecision or looking back guiltily and regretfully.


Bright green. I always wear or carry malachite around with me. It's a protecting stone and healing in the sense that it helps you to look further into and understand more about an illness. Supporting you through it. and helping you to understand more clearly all the emotions that go through your mind.

Mookaite Jasper

A healing crystal from Australia. Especially helpful when faced with difficult and stressful situations. It's also helpful in dispelling negative and seemingly hopeless situations. Letting you see things in a more positive light. Also beneficial when you have feelings of apprehension or when you feel isolated and alone.


The traditional women’s protecting crystal with Loving and compassionate energies. A stone of hopes wishes and dreams. Balancing, reflective, intuitive energies and also strongly lunar energies for new beginnings. “Feeling” what is right and guidance. Letting go of emotional tension, fears and stresses. Giving a sense of confidence and optimism, that in all situations there is hope and an answer to all problems. Also known as the traveller’s stone. I always carry a small one around with me.

Ocean Jasper

I bought this little piece in Avebury. It's a lovely pale silvery, white colour. A tranquil and soothing stone, especially protective when travelling (particularly overseas) and like the waters and seas of the earth, gently washes away emotional and negative energies, leaving you calm and de-stressed.

Orange Spirit Quartz

My husband spotted this one and and I fell instantly in love with the beautiful deep orange spice colours and the name of it. As the name suggests its a very spiritual and magical crystal. A lovely one to help celebrate full moons, Pagan festivals and really any situation/event where you would like spiritual and magical energies.

Orange Sunstone

A cheerful and energising stone. Bringing a sense of optimism and joy. It enhances self-confidence and self-expression. Good for situations when you feel doubtful and need some inner strength. Generally associated with the ancient sun gods.


I love the colours of this stone. Black, silvery blue and flecked with gold. Magical and spiritual energies, it helps guide and define purposes and direction within life, especially when you're feeling stuck and can’t seem to move forward. Pietersite helps you to be open and reveals possibilities and opportunities.

Pink Tourmaline

A lovely pink crystal associated with the heart chakra. Its energies bring joy, peace and inspiration to the user. It is also useful for calming, when in anxious or stressful situation. Helping to balance and calm the mind. As it helps to calm, so it also helps bring a sense of self-confidence to the user and, may be also used to help with making decisions and seeing things a bit more clearer. A crystal often used by shaman and healers.

Poppy Jasper

A lovely deep reddish brown and black stone. An inspirational, spirited and uplifting crystal. A stone of joy and happiness and therefore nice to carry around with you in darker, gloomier winter months, as it will lift your spirits. Also energising and balancing (the emotions) as well as bringing you a sense of motivation.

Preseli Bluestone 

A stone that was used in the building of Stonehenge. A powerful, magical and mystical stone. Ideal for connecting with the natural and spiritual world. With gentle healing energies, especially emotional. Ideal for boosting confidence.

Rainbow Obsidian

A gorgeous dark crystal which a sheen of different colours when held in the light. Especially good for all spiritual and psychic work (a traditional scrying crystal) for answering relationship problems, for meditation and reflection.


Pale pink to red in colour. A crystal of love and balance. Helps user to be more in touch, spiritually. Also a crystal of intuition and awareness. Assists in balancing and calming overwrought emotions and inner conflicts: Helping to confront and face problems more rationally. An energy giving crystal also, helping to promote physical health.

Rose Quartz

I love rose quartz and have them dotted around in many of my rooms. They attract lovely positive, healing and peaceful energies. And bring a sense of calm and joy wherever they are placed. Especially nice to have around when you’re feeling stressed, emotionally tired, or depressed.

Royal Sahara Jasper  

A rather posh name for a crystal. This jasper has lovely earthy and spicy tones to it. Great for when you need a bit of boldness and courage in your life. It's also a lovely balancing and grounding stone, giving a sense of protection and comfort. 

Ruby in Fuchsite

A gorgeous pale sea green colour with little chunks of ruby in it, quite expensive but well worth it. Associated with the heart chakra, soothing, harmonising and calming qualities. Useful in all relationships, partnerships and friendships which may be fused with difficulties.

Snowflake Obsidian

As the name suggests, this is a jet black, glassy crystal, flecked with white. Excellent for intuitive and psychic energies. When you feel a situation is hopeless, or when you have lost your path, use this obsidian to give you determination and the strength not to give up.


Energises physically, mentally and emotionally. Brings a feeling of positivity into the user’s life. Replacing fears, anxieties and pessimism with self-empowerment, confidence and inspirational energies. A crystal of creative expression and vitality, useful when feeling stuck, demoralised or low energy.

Super Seven

Or Sacred stone. An especially spiritual and mystical crystal, which requires no cleansing or re-charging. Consisting of 7 minerals. Suitable for anybody and everybody. Peaceful, inspirational, intuitive, psychic, emotional healing and earth haling energies.

Tangerine Quartz

I loved this crystal as soon as I saw it. It’s a pale and lovely orange colour.  A crystal of creativity and inspiration. It's spiritually calming and soothing and especially beneficial and useful for healing emotional past issues, which you find difficult to let go of and move forward.


I only have a tiny chunk of this as it’s a pretty expensive, but what a fabulous blue colour. A little chunk of magical and spiritual energies. A crystal of joy and happiness. Balancing emotional energies. Calming and de-stressing you from worries, the sort that keep buzzing round your head, with no conclusion.


Reputed to be little bits of rock from the moon. Usually a darkish, shiny brown colour and associated with lunar qualities. It can be used to help enhance spiritual and psychic energies and can also help you tune in and assess your immediate surroundings. This is a sensitive and feeling stone.

Tiger Eye

My cousin brought me a nice piece of this back from her old homeland (South Africa) It has a kind of brown, gold sheen to it and is a lovely stone for protecting against all negative energies. Also thought to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer as well as being grounding and balancing stone.


A lovely shade of bright blue, green. Helpful in healing the spirit and soul and balancing the chakras. Protecting the physical body from harm and danger. It is said this crystal changes colour to warn of impending danger.


A soothing pale green, sometimes with creamy flecks or circles.  Often referred to as a “worry stone” as it helps ease anxiety and nervousness, soothing away emotionally negative energies and feelings, also excellent as a room cleanser, bringing a peaceful atmosphere where it is placed.

Zebra Jasper

Obviously a stripy black and white stone and also a stone of motivation, movement and action. Energising, it helps you to put ideas into reality and keep going with them. Balancing and harmonising, it helps you overcome failures, problems and uncertainties. Replacing negativity and doubt with positivity and sureness.

Cleansing your crystal

It's really important to cleanse your crystal, especially after purchase as obviously it will have all sorts of energies clinging to it and you only want yours. Also periodically is good too as crystals too, become a bit tired and jaded. There are lots of different methods, but the following ones are possibly the easiest and seem to work for me. Running under clear water, any clear water but natural sources are best.  BUT, beware, some crystals are not suitable for water, so please check first.  Leave them to dry in natural sunlight or moonlight, if you need them for moon working. Incense such as sage, clary sage, lemongrass is a lovely way. Burying them in brown rice, is also a popular method, although I've not tried this myself.