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One of my most favourite things to do . I find it just so soothing, calming and restful.  How the utterly exquisite and exotic fragrances waft through the whole house, and linger gently, it's simply lovely.

Mixing, blending and using oils and, there are so  many uses for them. Baths, perfumes, cleaning,  body, burning, magic, blessings, rituals and many others. I've probably not included.

Do remember when blending essential oils always use a ”carrier" oil, that is something like for example, sweet almond oil, apricot, wheat germ, olive oil, calendula, or whatever you wish. But just never use neat. Also to make absolutely sure you have a non-allergic reaction, test a tiny drop beforehand and wait several hours.

I know it's not always financially possible, but if you can, do try to buy your oils from a reputable place. They may cost a little more, but honestly in the long run they are much  better, than synthetic ones,  which don't quite have the same smell - well I suppose they wouldn't really.  One place I would always recommend and have been buying from years is a company in London (Baldwins  - it really is worth checking out) or Starchild in Glastonbury. Both have a fantastic range, and many you know where they are sourced from as well as lots being organic, which is a plus.  Also, see the end of my charm bag page.

Some of the below mentioned oils may also appear in my herb page. I'm not a qualified aroma-therapist, but I think over the years you tend to know and feel what fragrances you like and prefer to use and blend. How they make you feel emotionally, plus a little research, for instance if you need to blend oils for aches and pains etc. I feel, there is no right or wrong way - just what feels best and comfortable for you. However if it's an on-going medical problem, it's always best to check with your own G.P or qualified aroma -therapist and as usual, use with caution if pregnant, and with small children or animals.

Black Pepper
A traditional oil used with others, such as ginger, cinnamon for general minor aches and pains. I find it's a warm, pleasing and sensual smell, when blended sparingly with something like rose, patchouli, vanilla.

(Blood) Orange Oil

 Absolutely gorgeous.  A luscious fruity, orange aroma.  Helps lighten dispirited moods.  Eases tense and unhappy atmospheres.  A general unwinding and relaxing oil.  Blends well with lemongrass, ylang ylang and other lighter citrus oils.  But do experiment yourself.

Clary Sage
Another favourite fragrance. I like to add this to almost any blend. It's great to use in the bath, or with an oil burner. Particularly helpful for the menopause, stress, depression. A lovely uplifting, energising and balancing fragrance.   Gorgeous and unmistakeable scent.

Clementine Oil

A refreshing, restorative oil.  Helps awaken and sharpen the senses.  Lovely for when you're feeling sluggish, tired and cant be bothered.  Or a little edgy,  tense and anxious. Helps enliven and uplift the mood.  Blends well with other citrus oils or for a winter mix, spicy oils.

Elemi Oil

A soft citrus, lemony scent.  Sometimes used as a cheaper substitute for frankincense. Ancient Egyptians used this oil in embalming and possibly for it's antiseptic and cleansing qualities. In magic it is often used as an aid for deeper meditation and concentration. For burning around the home, it creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere.



A soft, gentle and pleasant scent. Uplifting and emotionally balancing. Giving a feeling of happiness and security. Blends really well with many oils including jasmine, orange, mandarin and patchouli.


Blended with other oils, especially coriander, nutmeg or sweet orange. I have used this several times, and it is helpful for mild aches and pains. Especially during cold, winter months. It's soothing and warming.


A relative of lemongrass, but with a slightly more earthy, lemony, and spicy fragrance.  It has gorgeous soothing, relaxing and rather sensual qualities.  Blends good with rose oil, sandalwood and black pepper.  Has a simply lovely aroma in an oil burner.

A refreshing, sharp and clear fragrance, that helps with emotionally energising yourself and your immediate environment. Very uplifting,  and cheering especially nice when blended with other citrus oils, for a truly zesty,  fruity, and fresh atmosphere.


Ho Wood

A soft and sweetish oil. Derived from a Japanese tree. It's good for helping to break unhealthy, destructive and negative life-patterns giving a calming and reassuring feel to the user.


Either blended or by itself, it's a wonderfully deep and sensual fragrance. Uplifting to the senses and helps dispel depression. It's a nice oil to use for menopause, emotional mood swings, and depression. Lovely in the bath, as a massage or perfume. A wonderful oil to honour the moon goddess with, particularly the full moon.



Lavender flowers have endless uses and are suitable even for small children.

It’s very soothing, calming and de-stressing. My youngest granddaughter is often massaged with lavender oil to help ease her tummy problems and help her sleep naturally.


Lemon Eucalyptus
A much softer and gentler scent than eucalyptus. Its lovely mixed with other oils, such as a soft citrus, vanilla, sage as a mood enhancer and lifter. Bringing a sense of peace, positivity, calm and balance into your life.


Lemon Grass
This is one of my favourite oils. Either blended or by itself, lemon grass is
calming, de-stressing. It helps you put things into perspective. A lovely positive and mentally energising oil and yet soft and soothing to the senses. Good for a foggy, muddled type of headache too. It's usually always included in my burner. And great for using in magic, blessings etc. Cleansing negative energies.



A clean fresh scent, uplifting and energising. Helps clear the mind and sharpen the senses. Revitalises and restores the physical body. Lime blends really well with other citrus oils and refreshes a room wonderfully when used in a burner. 


A lovely warm, light and fruity aroma.  Uplifting, relaxing.  Soothes and calms tense and confusing situations.  Blends well with other citrus oils, or simply by itself.

May Chang (Mountain Ash)
A sweet and energising oil. Blended with something like lime, orange, lemongrass or vanilla. It's uplifting and brings out the inner child and laughter within you. A lovely oil to celebrate the spring with, a new moon and all spring Goddesses. Encourages bright and happy thoughts.


A sweet, fruity and zesty aroma. Can be blended with other citrus oils or used alone, either way the energies are uplifting, joyful and de-stressing. A nice oil to burn when working with magic, especially love, hope and wishes.


A gorgeous quite heavy, sexy and earthy smelling oil. Blended with something like jasmine, vanilla, black pepper, it gives a wonderful exotic fragrance and feel to a room. A naturally, magic and mystical oil.  An oil that actually becomes warmer and mellower when used.


A clean, clear and invigorating fragrance. Used by itself or blended, with other fresh smelling oils such as eucalyptus for revitalising a stuffy room, reenergising yourself. For breathing problems caused by colds and blocked nose.

Pink Grapefruit

A  gorgeous fresh, zingy and obviously citrus aroma.  Beautifully uplifting, re-energising and re-vitalising.  Mood enhancing. Helps to clear away those fuzzy, foggy moments.  Blends well with other citrus oils, or just as lovely on its own.  And great in the bath.


Beautiful, sensual and exotic. I use a reliably sourced blended mix. This is great for creating an intimate and loving atmosphere. It’s calming, soothing and warm. No need to mix, but for an even sweeter, warm fragrance, sandalwood is ideal.


A strong and lasting smell. Traditionally used as a cleansing and magical oil, clearing the air and space of negative energies. It's said to bring wisdom, clarity and understanding. Needs only to be used sparingly. Blended with other oils is good for mild aches and pains.


A soft warm, woody and exotic fragrance. It's a gorgeous healing and balancing oil, either by itself or blended with something like black pepper, vanilla, rose. Gorgeous in the bath or as a perfume. And also lovely to burn when honouring the moon goddess. A very spiritual and mystical oil.


A much softer and warmer fragrance than peppermint. Another nice oil to blend with something such as lemon grass, clary sage. It has a soothing, yet uplifting energy to it.


A legend says that spikenard was the oil (incredibly expensive then) that Mary Magdeline chose to bathe the feet of Jesus with. It is certainly a lovely oil to mix sparingly with others, when you're feeling tense, depressed, emotionally blocked or stuck and need to find a sense of direction to work towards. Nice to burn, for
creating protective energies around you, in magic.


Sweet Fennel
A big and distinctive aroma. It's energising and cleansing, both emotionally and spiritually. A lovely oil to burn when you need to focus, concentrate or give yourself a shot of courage to make a decision. Massaging around the tummy area is also soothing for digestive, menopausal, period problems.

Tea Tree

A  very strong, rather intrusive aroma (I have to say I'm not fond of the smell).  But it's incredibly useful for cleansing, banishing and protecting - both spiritually and physically.


Blended with orange, sandalwood, ylang ylang. Especially nice. It's soft, sweet and sensual. Maybe a couple of drops of jasmine. A lovely, feminine fragrance, nice in the bath and as a massage.


Ylang Ylang
Quite a powerful, but lovely smelling scent. Sensual and feminine. It's calming and helps balance emotional mood swings, bringing gentle but definite uplifting energies within you. Used in many love spells and also honouring the goddess. As well as dispelling negative energies before, during and after a spell.