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A little collection of folklores and mini-rituals which I've collected over the years and some I feel I just have to do even now!

Would be interested to hear of any that other people do or know of.



A healthy growing sage plant in the garden or in the house indicates a happy and harmonious home and usually a strong woman within the family unit.



A fluttering white feather that seemingly falls from nowhere in front of you is a sign that your guardian angel has been with you, protecting or guiding you.


Elderberry tree

Especially two trees that form a little arch. As you walk through it, make a silent wish. I can remember doing this with my children each time we crossed a particular field.



To see a hare racing through a field, early morning or evening is a witch in disguise either going or leaving her coven. I love this one, but it caused a little stir when my grandson repeated it at school.


Willow tree

The tree of psychic power and artistic creativity. If you need some creative, artistic inspiration or need psychic energy, then sit for a while under the willow tree and see what happens.


Fairy ring

The fairy ring made up of toadstools and mushrooms is considered bad luck if you step into it, as this is the fairies dancing and magical domain. However, some consider it to bring you good luck. So take your pick!


Forget me not

Put some of these flowers secretly and silently into the pocket of somebody you want to be remembered by. They will, magically be reminded of you. Please don’t do this in a too public place, in case others think you are pick pocketing.



Passing somebody on a single staircase has always been an obsession of mine and I won’t. But I don’t know why or where this superstition came from. So if anybody does, I'd really love to know.


Money flow

Put 3 coins and some money type herbs in a small red bag. Carry around for 3 days and then hide for 3 days somewhere secret. Repeat this 3 times, the idea is your money will multiply.


Open window

If ever I was on a shift and one of our residents sadly passed over, I would always have to open the window to free their spirit and allow it on its journey.


Two coins

Actually one of our resident’s family requested that we lay 2 coins over their mother's eyes, when she had passed over, so that she could pay the ferryman to cross her to the other side.


Woods at night

This is the trees special time, and a time which does not include humans. This may be why woods and forests at nigh time always seem to take on a different energy - and seem less friendly and approachable.


Elder tree

Unlucky to cut an elder tree down, even if you have asked permission x3. As it is the witch’s tree and protected by many spirits. It's no coincidence that many older, village houses always had elder growing near it.



Remember your dreams better or clearer, by placing rosemary, anise or peppermint under your pillow. Or place moonstone, garnet, jade or obsidian on a round mirror nearby you. Also dreams will be better remembered during a water-sign moon.



A strange one, which I always do. Never leave your shoes or slippers pointing towards your bed. I think it's something to do with your soul watching you? And James goes completely mad if anybody leaves new shoes on the table. That is seriously not good.