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You really don’t need a pile of expensive things to do this. In fact the more you can source naturally and responsibly the better and more fun and personally creative this will be. Below are a few possibilities and ideas and as usual, if anybody else has a special way of bringing natural magic into their lives and would like to share, please do, I would love to hear.

Animal Guides

Thoughtful, reflective and totally free, you just need concentration, focus and somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. See my animal guide’s page.



It's something I feel you can’t argue with. The planets are there and move into certain signs, making aspects etc. See my astrology page.



(Knife) Neither sharp nor used for cutting, except maybe herbs and plants, but still best kept in a safe place. Usually used symbolically in magic for raising energy, casting and un casting circles.



Lots of theories regarding auras and aura reading, but no right or wrong way. I tend to believe we all have one particular colour, but during our lives, particularly during illness or extreme trauma it can change colour going a bit sludgy, murky and perhaps fraying and breaking a little.


Bach’s flower remedies

A system of 38 flower remedies which corresponds with 38 emotional states. The remedies help in a holistic way, treating the whole. For example a headache is not just repressed by a painkiller, but rather finding the source of the problem, which might be emotional stress, anxiety and fear.


Book of shadows

Another traditional tool of most witches. A book, often but not always passed down or through covens. Anything magical is recorded in it, spells, magical and mystical thoughts, anything to do with natural magic really. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, just a book to note down your magical thoughts.



Colours are not essential, but are nice to use according to the energies you wish to attract. And different shapes are also available. So easy to use, they seem to immediately change the atmosphere in a room.  Also reading the symbols a melted candle has left behind is useful.



A vessel of mystery, psychic energy and magic. A symbol of the Goddess, women and fertility. May be filled with basically whatever you wish. Mine is small, black and filled with home harvested herbs, crystals, silver stars and a ring belonging to my daughter.


Charm Bags

A gorgeous little bag of portable magic energies. Full of herbs, crystal, oils. See my charm bag page.



For keeping the energies in a room flowing and positive. Outside for attracting otherworld spirits and guardians into your garden.



Well, all crystals are just naturally beautiful, relaxing and magical. It's difficult to imagine they come from the earth. But then again probably not, they are the gifts of mother earth. See my crystal page.



Keeping a dream diary or journal can be really useful. Untangling the symbols, colours, sensations of a dream, can help in waking life. Giving you messages, guidance, advice, possibilities, choices etc., which you wouldn't normally associate with waking life.



I chose to include this because I feel that no matter how much you know, learn and understand, unless you have true empathy with other people, it's all going to be a bit pointless.



Definitely one of my favourite sources of natural magic, healing, cooking, using on the body and hair and growing them is just a delight. See my herbs page.


I Ching

An ancient Chinese method of divination, (very basically) based on 64 hexagrams of 6 lines which can be broken or unbroken (yin/yang) this is a method I used a lot in the 80's and always found spookily accurate.


Incense and smudge sticks

Always lovely for cleansing rooms of negative energies. Using in blessings and magic work. And there are so many scents to choose from as well as having a try yourself.



The moon is a lovely way of using her energies for magic, spiritual, meditation, honouring and blessing. See my moon phase’s page.


Soft, gentle and relaxing.  Let yourself drift away listening to music - any type, whatever feels best - but I feel gentle and non-intrusive the best.


Using numbers in relation to names, birthdates etc. and reducing them to a single number, 1-9. Each number corresponds to a theme or character. So for example 1921 would be 1+9+2+1 = 13. 1+3 = 4. Number four would be the number to look under.



Mixing and burning oils, using them in the bath, for so many emotional situations. Such as uplifting energies, cleansing areas, clarity and understanding, sensual, vitality and energy. The list is endless. As well as in magical work and blessings.



A five pointed star, representing all positive and protecting energies, used in magic, blessings, rituals by most witches and pagans. And possibly the most recognise symbol of all. It has mystical, spiritual, earthy and guarding energies. And the most used for protection against negative influences, as it can be easily inscribed, by hand in the air. Remembering the 2 points should always be pointing downwards.



Fluttering in the breeze from a tree, not only looks pretty and magical, but decorates and honours the tree. And used in conjunction with wishes, spells and blessings the ribbon, which may be any colour you wish, works with the element of air.



I don’t really use these much, although I should. But runes are an ancient system of symbols and signs that answer questions and give you possibilities and perhaps a different angle at looking at something.



The crystal ball is a traditional method of scrying or gazing. But many other ways may be used. Crystals, fire watching, candles, water, whatever feels comfortable and right for you.


Silver bell

To help you invoke the goddess to be with you during magic and blessings. But it doesn't have to be a silver bell. Actually anything that makes a noise, including you, chanting, humming, clapping, singing is just as effective.


Standing stones

Visiting standing stones can be extremely inspirational, uplifting and spiritual and are to be found all over Britain. Stonehenge, Avebury, Roll Right, Nine Maidens, being among the more well known.


Obviously, the Sun with it's warmth, and vibrant energy  is an instant mood lifter.


Another lovely, spiritual and magically way of endless interpretations and possibilities and so many decks to choose from: See my tarot page.


Tree wands

Always on the look out for lovely bits of small fallen branches of trees. An apple tree wand for example is ideal for love, creativity and fertility. Oak is obviously solidity, courage, strength and inner spiritual strength, the door to all mysteries. A rowan wand is for protection, psychic, magic.



In the natural environment, water, trees, woods, open meadows, hills, fens, etc. Throughout history artists, poets, healers, psychics have all been drawn to the quiet open air natural spaces of mother earth, for inspiration, retrospection and meditation. and another one totally free.



Calming, sensitive and psychic. Being by any type of natural water sources is soothing, and naturally de-stressing. Giving you time to think, reflect, dream, imagine. And totally free!