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As the moon goes through her phases, so energies and influences do too. Below are some of the major phases of the moon and some spells which are suited to these phases. Other sources will differ, but these feel right for me and seem to work well. Other situations and problems may be included in whichever phase feels appropriate. The more you glance up at the sky and notice the moon and her ever shifting shape, the more you will get a feel of her phases and energy.

As well as phases, obviously the moon also changes signs every couple of days (approx.) and this also affects emotions, moods, feelings etc. For example, as I write this I know exactly which sign and house the moon is transiting, and I know I'm feeling a little restless, edgy and somewhat detached. 

As a little experiment, why not keep a moon diary for a few months. Each day, just use a few words to describe how you are feeling and at the end of each month match your moods with the moon sign/phase.  A pattern may emerge.

New Moon

New ventures. New plans and projects. Spells for new love, relationships. Moving, career, work. All fresh starts. Also spells and cleansing rituals and blessings. Clearing out mentally. Starting over, wishes and potential. The beginning, spark of an idea or possibility.  New moon has such a beautiful  and delicate shape.  You can almost imagine it is just for making fresh starts, new ideas etc.

Waxing Crescent

Spells of attraction for bringing something into your life. Ideas and possibilities. Gentle healing, peaceful and calming spells. Love spells. Optimism and hope. Setting things in motion. Moving on, from the above phase and preparing to start something, taking things a step further. Nurturing, developing a project, activity. Also psychic awareness.

First Quarter

Moon energy is increasing. Stronger influences will be more noticeable. Spells for luck or better luck. Healing and health spells, helping to restore health. Relationships, family, domestic, and close friends. Harmony. Reinforcing a matter or issue. For facing an awkward and unpleasant situation. Balancing energies. Waiting, expecting an answer. Communication.

Waxing Gibbous

Moon is now almost full. Energy is becoming even more powerful. Influences stronger. Spells during this phase might include the completion or finalising of something. Putting things together. Preparation almost complete. Commitments of all kinds, relationships, partnerships, family, career. For individuality, passion and for physical, mental, emotional illness.

Full Moon

Lunar energies are at their most powerful and potent now. And literally all types of (positive) magic and spells may be performed: For self-expression, healing, all relationships, harmony and balance, spirituality, all women/feminine issues. Work, career. Questions, mystical, psychic, protection. And of course for honouring the moon Goddess. 

Waning Gibbous

Energies begin to wane and lessen now. This moon phase is useful for endings, farewells. Negative situations. Letting go or preparing to let go. Moving on, especially within an unhappy or bad relationship. Things that you feel are holding you back, limiting your progress. Restrictive, depressive, and pointless situations predicaments. Removing what is not needed in your life.

Last Quarter

A phase which continues letting go and ending. Decreasing and eliminating fears, tensions, and anxieties. Spells for negative energies and influences within your life. This may include people, fears, emotional problems, financial problems, relationship problems etc. Nearing the end and also involving the ending of something in your life. Energies become stronger in this sense. But do not force issues, let them go naturally.

Waning Crescent

Spells which help you to re-claim control of your life. The finality of an ongoing situation. Resolution. Acceptance. Finalising. Finishing. Also helping you to accept changes. Life changes, Intuition, prophecy. For thoughts on future plans. Sensitive, knowing and feeling energies.

Dark Moon

Now invisible in the sky. Not generally used in magic except in emergencies involving banishments. Mostly used for meditation, reflection, retrospection. Working on spirituality, mysticism and the inner self-self. This can also be quite an emotional phase and just as strange as the full moon in some ways. Re-energising your energies.

Moon Goddesses

There are many, many moon goddesses from all over the world and in all cultures. Moon goddesses and sun gods figured prominently in all cultures as they - the sun and moon - were obviously visible in the sky. And the phases and changing shape of the moon, was especially observed. The triple goddess can also be linked to the moon phases, maiden, mother and wise-woman. And many are associated with the cycle of the moon.


Sister of the sun god Apollo. She is the maiden or waxing moon goddess of childbirth and fertility. A strong and powerful goddess also of magic, waters, oceans and the tides. A hunter, yet also a protector of and guardian of animals.

Mother Goddess of the full moon. She is a goddess of the night and also the seas, lunar mysteries, women and children. She fell in love with Endymion and would visit him nightly as he slept. Zeus granted Endymion immortality on the condition that he always slept: Selene would visit her lover nightly, and just watch him sleeping.

The dark mother or wise woman of the waning moon. Both moon and underworld goddess. She is the goddess of veiled mysteries, magic, hidden and mystical knowledge, sometimes depicted holding a key. Guardian of crossroads, directions, and doorways and creative inspiration.

There are other triple goddesses with these same moon links: Badb, Macha and Nemain for instance and below are other Goddesses which are linked to the moon:

A Welsh Goddess honoured at the full moon. Although often considered a mother/earth Goddess. Arianrhod is Goddess of reincarnation and rebirth. Her name means "silver wheel" She spins her silver threads of destiny and fate during a full moon, of things past, present and yet to be.

A Roman moon Goddess. Associated with women and the cycles, ages and rhythms of them. Also considered a Goddess of good luck, fortune and positivity.

A powerful Egyptian Moon Goddess. A goddess of all life, earth and nature. The story goes that the river Nile floods with the tears of Isis every year as she mourns the death of her husband/brother.

(One of my favourite Goddesses). A powerful Hindu goddess. Guardian and protector or women and children. She will seek revenge on all men who commit violence against her daughters. A goddess of change and time. Often depicted adorned with necklaces of skulls.

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She would fly through the air in a falcon feather robe, or be carried in a chariot drawn by cats. Guardian and Goddess of marriages and all committed relationships, family life etc. However, ironically was often unfaithful herself.

Considered a moon goddess by many, because of her association primarily with all aspects of women and women’s issues, feminism, children etc.  A strong, independent and empowering Goddess.

Herbs associated with the moon

Below are some plants which seem to work well for me and correspond  with the moon.  As usual, other sources will differ.

Chickweed, melon, water-lily, honeysuckle, lotus, sandalwood, lemon, clary sage, white rose, watercress, lemon, weeping willow, wild poppy, jasmine, rosemary, mango, mallow, pumpkin, peach.  Snowdrop, passion flower.  Pale (white) roses.  Soft, fleshy, juicy and watery fruits. 

Some animals of the moon                                                                                       

Cats, cow, crows and ravens, hare, rabbit, sea and water fish, turtle, owl, snake, wolf (other sources will differ).

Moon Names

Wolf moon, winter moon and ice moon.

Storm moon, crow moon and wind moon.

Chaste moon, light snow moon and pink moon.

Seed moon, no name moon and deep waters moon.

Hare moon, milk moon and whale moon.

Thunder moon, ripe moon and blossom moon.

Summer moon, flower moon and wood cutters moon.

Harvest moon, fruit moon and corn moon.

Barley moon, blood moon and leaf fall moon.

Red moon, frosty moon and hunters moon.

Snow moon, hidden wisdom moon and white moon.

Cold moon, Oak moon and yule moon.

Sources may differ from month to month, season to season and also culturally.

Red, scarlet, crimson candles. Oils include black pepper, basil, rose, and clove. Herbs blackberry, marjoram, pennyroyal, daisy, red rose petals. And crystals, bloodstone, obsidian, garnet, jasper. Do something adventurous, different, and a bit daring. Take a little risk. Meditate/think about how you deal with anger and aggression. Balancing your relationships, what you give and take from them and vice versa. Think about your inner strengths.
Pink, white, peach candles. Jasmine, musk, almond, apricot oils. Herbs, coltsfoot, sage, spearmint, peach blossom, pink rose petals. Crystals include rose quartz, kunzite, and tourmaline. Share this full moon with somebody special. Sensual and earthy energies. Take a walk in beautiful and natural surroundings. Trees, meadows, fields. Make a list of all the things you want to shed. Think about aspects of your personality that you would like to let go for good.

Yellow, mid orange or blue candles. Oils may include lavender, jasmine, thyme, and lemongrass. Herbs, mint, oregano, meadowsweet, honeysuckle. And crystals, tigers eye, agate, topaz. Focus your energies on one thing at a time. Think about your aspirations, hopes, what you need to learn more about. Swap ideas, views and suggestions with others. If you haven’t already, then write in your book of shadows.

Silver, blue, ivory and cream candles. Oils, rose, peppermint, jasmine, sandalwood. Herbs, lemon balm, violet, angelica, chickweed. Crystals, moonstone, calcite, aquamarine, opal. Strong, creative, feminine and emotional energies. A good time to let go of old emotional attachments. Reflect on your own creative, intuitive and psychic energies. Honour the earth mother. Say a small protecting prayer for all children.

Gold, yellow and saffron coloured candles. Orange, patchouli, cinnamon
oils. Herbs, marigold, sunflower, lavender, dill. Crystals, amber, sunstone, citrine. Send somebody you love or care about a healing and joyful message. Reflect on your own self-confidence, courage and inner strength. How you use these energies, how you respond to others. Give something back to mother earth.

Celebrate with soft brown, pale orange, light purple candles. Rose, clary sage, fennel oils. Herbs, mint, lemon verbena, mint. Crystals, moss agate, purple obsidian, tiger eye. Reflect on the ways you may be too harsh and self-critical. Be more compassionate and gentle with yourself. And also others. A good time to organise something you've been putting off. Attention to detail is good and clear. But don't get too fussy!


Mauve, clear green or blue candles. Ylang ylang, bergamot, geranium oils. Herbs include spearmint, yarrow, and light coloured blossoms. Crystals, malachite, lapis lazuli, jade. Reflecting and thinking about all relationships and partnerships and how you bring them into balance and harmony when needed. Do something creative and artistic for yourself. Decide on one thing and try to see it through to the end. Relax and feel completely in tune and balanced. At peace with yourself, others and nature.

Celebrate with deep green, purple, magenta coloured candles. Oils include black pepper, patchouli, and sandalwood. Herbs, pennyroyal, basil, raspberry leaf. And crystals black obsidian, smoky quartz, charoite. Passionate and intense energies. Scorpio represents birth/death/rebirth. So meditate on things you need to release. Visualise new beginnings emerging into your life and concentrate on these. Share a secret with somebody you trust completely. Be open to the mysteries of life.

Dark blue, violet and purple candles. Peppermint, jasmine, and almond oils. Herbs, clover, mallow, sage. Crystals, azurite, snowflake obsidian, turquoise. Reflect and think about being in tune with other people, cultures, and religions. Also issues of injustice and unfairness. Appreciate nature and outdoors. Expand your interests and spiritual knowledge. Be inspired by the smallest of things as well as the large.

Indigo, dark green and all earthy coloured candles. Oils include eucalyptus, myrrh, and patchouli. Herbs, tansy, marjoram, borage. Crystals. Black obsidian, tourmaline, onyx. Thinking about projects for the coming winter. Reflect on mystical, healing and spiritual subjects, and in particular karmic energies. Re-assess areas of responsibility, and where you feel a bit stuck or in a rut. Use past experiences to guide you forward and keep you strong.


Deep blue, turquoise and silvery shades of candle. Oils, Anise, sage, spikenard, Herbs, St. John’s wort, fennel, geranium. Crystals, aquamarine, hematite, obsidian. Reflect on your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future. Mystical subjects and humanitarian issues. This is another nice full moon to share with others on the same path as you.

Sea greens and blues, misty coloured candles. Oils, clary sage, vanilla, geranium. Herbs, tarragon, lemon verbena, poppy. Crystals, moonstone, fluorite, blue lace agate. Sensitive and psychic awareness and energies. Reflect on these energies and just see what comes up. Be aware of sympathy, patience and compassion. Listen to goddess-inspired music. Be artistic and creative in something.

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