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Planets in the chart reveal and emphasise the energies within the chart. It's like a delicate and intricate balancing trick. For example you have a strong sun by placement and sign, but then Neptune or Uranus might be very nearby upsetting the balance, by adding their energies of confusion, vagueness, inability to get started on anything and then if and when you do, it might be ill-timed, unpredictable, impulsive and without properly thinking it out. You may have a poorly placed aspect sun but a good strong mars giving you a push, energy lift and determination to overcome many of life's challenges. Jupiter could be really strong and positive, but then again Saturn might be negatively aspect, which could cloud and dampen the natural spontaneity and optimism, giving you a much more cautious, hesitant outlook. Venus might be really charming, outgoing, and friendly, but your moon perhaps emotionally intense, moody and changeable making this energy more challenging and awkward to balance effectively or positively. Each planet then, has its task of trying to manage, balance and integrate these energies. Sometimes it's an uphill battle and challenge. I have Saturn/mars conjunct in 10th house, which I find very frustrating at times. Other charts, however it's all easy and open flowing energies. It's an on-going and ever shifting wheel of energies, as the planets are constantly moving changing and making aspects and connections to other planets as well as sensitive areas and points in the chart.

The Planets

The Sun

Relates to our identity, who we really are or could, should be. Our creative expression, where we literally need to "shine" and be special. Radiate our energy and personality and be individual. Purpose and motivation. Our happiness. Being in touch with our creative self in whatever way we choose or feel is right for us. Our soul’s development, in this life, the unfolding of our chosen path. The direction we have chosen. The life force and vital energy within our life. Pride and self-confidence. Self-assurance. Ability to confront our life's journey and experiences. Our wholeness. The power to change our lives and create or choose an alternative direction. More of a masculine energy. Some astrologers believe that a woman's moon sign should be matched with a man's sun sign for an ideal partnership. This can obviously be applied to any relationship. A weakly placed sun in the chart, will show life is a constant battle, but possible to overcome and become stronger through these lessons and experiences.

It could also suggest you become dispirited and give up too easily.  Perhaps relying on others for ideas, inspiration and help.

The Moon

Emotional relationship with ourselves and others. Feminine and creative power. Earth mother and Moon Goddess power. Emotions, feelings, instincts, intuition and moon magic. Being in touch and in tune with our true feelings and emotions. Our spiritual health. Our source of security, safety and privacy. Psychological and emotional health, especially women. Childhood memories (and life patterns) and what triggers an emotional response or reaction due to these. Also very much associated with children and babies, in fact anything to do with women, mothers, healing and femininity etc. The waxing and waning of the moon influences our lives more than we often realise. The full moon for instance has unexpected, bizarre and excitable energies. The new moon tends to be more reflective, secretive and introspect and then the signs will make a difference too. For example a Virgo moon tends to be more focused on the smaller details of an issue, more critical and analytical. Fussy, picky and choosy. Things needing to be neat and perfect. Health conscious. A Scorpio moon might display intense dark feelings. More inclined to be secretive and harbour feelings such as jealousy, revenge, anger and possessiveness. Also passionate, perceptive and sexual.


All communicating and learning skills. How we perceive messages, listening, understanding and explaining and interacting with others. Expressing ideas, views, and opinions. Sense of curiosity, what we learn, reasoning powers and level of intelligence. Experiencing the outside world and immediate environment. How, when and why we travel short distances. Telling stories and concealing the truth, or lying. For example a Leo/mercury person might over dramatize, add bits and be really extrovert. A Scorpio/Leo person might be incredibly intense, secretive and hide all evidence and traces of what they have done, or might do.

A weakly placed or aspected Mercury may indicate muddled and foggy thinking, over or under exaggerating events.  Feeling it impossible or difficult to express opinions and views clearly.  Perhaps problems retaining or remembering things.


How we receive, attract and appreciate beauty, sensuality, love and art into our lives. The ability to appreciate. More of a passive energy. What we have to offer a partner or other people through Venus energies and its signs. For example a Pisces/Venus person might be extremely sensitive, intuitive and compassionate towards others, offering support, sympathy and unconditional love. The ease or difficulty we have in forming relationships. Venus helps us define our values, by house and sign. What we value and need to attract into our lives. For instance a 4th house Venus, might value security, family life, privacy, and wish to attract these energies into their life. Venus also represents cooperation and harmony with other people. As well as the sensual, romantic side of our lives.


Our physical drive, action and energy. Self-assertion. We stand up for ourselves and others, in a non-abusive way. Approaching and attacking problems. Initiating changes in life. A more masculine energy. Challenges and taking risks. Our sense of courage. A weak or poorly aspect mars may be cruel, abusive, bullying towards others. This behaviour tends and to boost their mars energy, while showing their inner insecurity. Or maybe the person will feel angry, depressed and frustrated. But a strong mars will show the opposite. Also able to recuperate and overcome many setbacks and illness. Ability to re-energise and get going again. Mars also shows our attitude and approach towards sex.


How we broaden, expand and explore our life experiences. Higher and spiritual learning. Where we need room to grow and learn more. Our own set of personal values, beliefs and perspectives. Deeper awareness and exploration of life. It also represents the journeys we take in life, physical, mental and spiritual. It is the planet of inspiration, hopes, positivity and generosity. A poorly placed Jupiter may suggest a closed and narrow minded person, unwilling to see another person’s point of view. A bit mean spirited towards others. A well placed Jupiter, however suggests we recognise opportunities, are more confident and generous and open to many things.


In the chart shows where we approach life with sense of caution, fear and almost doom. Associated with the grim reaper (but other people too, Kali and Shaman etc.) bringer of sorrows. But this really only applies if you are always closed and do not and will not see the life lessons you are being shown. In actual fact the wise woman, teacher is kind if we learn our mistakes and lessons. Good and positive karma is rewarded. And also, by learning what we need to transforms our sense of inadequacy and frustration into positivity and self-worth. And makes us feel good about ourselves. Saturn also represents self-knowledge, common sense and understanding. Perseverance and patience. A poorly placed Saturn may constantly focus on the dread of the unknown and untried, always limiting and restricting them.


Shows our sense of individuality and uniqueness. The energy that inspires us (or not) to move into new and unexplored areas of experiences. The door opener, also relating to our 6th sense, which is an often sudden and bright flash of understanding. Suddenly we get it. The genius and creativity. Uranus shows new ways of approaching things, fresh and original ideas and possibilities. It is the planet of sudden, unplanned and erratic change. We all need this Uranian energy to flow positively. By not letting these energies into our life or by refusing to acknowledge change and new ideas we tend to become apathetic, bored, indifferent, anxious and disconnected.


Expressing the spiritual, healing, mystical, wise woman side of our personality. Psychic and deeply intuitive energies. Our doorway to dreams, visions, meditation, spiritual health. Our search for the ultimate perfection and often intangible. The feeling of disillusionment and sadness at failing. That is all part of Neptune’s strong, yet subtle and ever-changing energies our compassion, empathy and faith in humanity. Exploring higher spirituality and alternative healing. All things that are creative, tranquil and dreamy. And also retreats, sanctuaries, hospitals. A poorly placed Neptune may sometimes lead to drug abuse, bad addictions, mental, psychotic problems, escapism. A well placed Neptune may show creative expression, love of words, music dance, art, affinity with nature, healing energies and abilities.


Relates to the darker, shadow side of our mind. Pluto, the underworld god, the subconscious mind. The female equivalent, Erishkigal, goddess of the underworld and of lust and power. So Pluto needs us to face our darker and hidden sides, bring them to the surface, into the light and deal with them positively and openly. Transform this negativity into positivity. Actually a lot of counsellors have a strong and positive Pluto in their chart. Pluto sometimes represents our guardian angel, which will help us to confront the deeper part of our mind. It also suggests where we bring other people, subconsciously into our lives to help us work through Pluto problems. So Pluto is about elimination. Death, rebirth and transformation. Endings and beginnings.


The centaur "wounded healer" Shows where our deepest wounds, pains and sorrows are and how we can heal ourselves. How we approach the healing process. Where we feel this pain the most. The consequences of this physical, emotional and spiritual, is that we are able to understand ourselves better and help others during their times of sorrow and pain. So, Chiron shows our healing power and abilities through this. Another way of using Chiron in our chart is offering healing to others in exchange for coming to terms and coping with our own pain. Learning to heal ourselves and others through understanding and knowing. Chiron also represents healing holistically, teaching, guiding, and wisdom. Bringing the potentiality and creative expression out within others.

Lilith (Asteroid)

Sometimes referred to as the dark Goddess, or Goddess of the night and dark.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam in the Christian religion.  She was exiled from the Garden of Eden for failing to submit and obey him.  For this reason, among feminists and pagans she has become a symbol of strength, a strong, feisty women’s Goddess.  She represents the equality, freedom and liberation of women.

In the astrological chart, Lilith indicates power, vision, intuition and psychic energies.  The spiritual side of women and men.  She is sometimes the shadow side of your personality, the part which doesn’t always appear so clear in your personality.  The passionate, fiery side.  The independent, non-partner side, where you demand and expect freedom, where you need to be in control of your destiny and life without interference.

Lilith is also the side of your personality where you do not want to compromise or cave in over your personal beliefs and values especially women’s issues.  How you cope with disagreement, discord.

The negative side of Lilith is a sense of frustration, self -denial and repression.  Not being true to yourself.  The part of your personality/conscience that you seem unaware of and yet there is still that little voice within.  The inner conflicts.

Lilith, the dark Goddess is associated with the sign Scorpio, her animals are all felines as well as all animals and birds of the night.

Psyche (Asteroid)

Psyche was a beautiful mortal, who incurred the jealousy and anger of Aphrodite because of her beauty.  Aphrodite decided to set Psyche some impossibly difficult tasks to overcome which she eventually did.

Psyche is the Goddess of the soul and in the chart describes our own inner journey of love and intimacy.  Our feelings of love and trust.  The key to awakening and unlocking the door to our true selves, our soul.

Psyche shows how we feel empathy, our understanding of other people in a sensitive and intuitive way.  Ability to tune into other people’s feelings and emotions.

How we go about searching for our own true soul mate.  The disappointments, frustrations and disillusionments along the way.  But at the same time understanding and knowing ourselves and others better through this journey.

For example, perhaps Psyche in Gemini might suggest that you need a partner who is flexible and versatile, as you yourself may be an airy changeable person.  An Aquarius Psyche will want to retain his/hers independence and uniqueness within a relationship.  And then again Cancer may be a very nurturing, mothering type of person or maybe at times a little over protective.

A stressfully aspected/placed Psyche may indicate little empathy or understanding of other people’s feelings.