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Spells are all about focusing, harnessing, raising and releasing energies. I only work with positive, peaceful energies. So would never for instance "curse" "hex" or "harm" anybody deliberately. I work with the natural elements: crystals, moon phases, Goddesses, herbs, incense etc. A small workplace (Alter) which is ritually cleansed before and after all spell work. And a brief (tarot) reading afterwards. And again, my own little personal mantra "It doesn't have to be 100% accurate but let it be 100% pure and from the heart and harm none" Which as far as absolutely possible it is and doesn't.


Spells and magic (for me) is about working with and for others. So no genuine witch would ever think of "hexing" or "cursing" another person. This is just bad karma. "We are free to do as we choose as long as we harm none" This can become quite complex and involved and at times difficult to follow. All our decisions, choices, actions big or small influence and alter the balance of things for good or bad. And everybody is accountable for their deeds, actions, misdeeds particularly on a karmic level. Working with natural resources, moon phases, herbs, trees, water, etc. is a calming, balancing and joyful experience, and knowing that I may have made a difference in somebody's life during a difficult period is also very rewarding.


Does it work?...... Something I often get asked and to be honest really I can’t say. Obviously I believe it works or I wouldn't be bothering. But you need to believe yourself that these things work. Have faith that you can turn negative energies into positive energies, and you are almost there and finally remembering to give thanks. Please take note that my spells can only "help" a situation and not "control" it. You can’t make or force somebody to love you for example. Of course you can attract love into your life - but again it's the "free will" thing. What you can do, if all else seems to be failing, in a relationship is perhaps use a spell to help you let go of that relationship which clearly isn't working.

Casting Your Own Spells

Here are a few little simple, short and sweet spells for you to try if you wish. A sample of really easy and simple spells that can be done more or less anytime.

Other spells, that I do, are more intricate and focused and involve cleansing my workspace, special timing (whenever possible) casting and uncasting the threefold circle. Calling the elements or angels, guides a special goddess. Using music, reciting some words etc. And the use of herbs, oils crystals and other witchy type tools.


For a specific person you would like to attract

2 small pink candles

Jasmine or rose incense

Pink crystals

Red or pink rose petals

Patchouli leaves

Red clover

Red ribbon

Inscribe one candle with your initials. The other with the person you want to attract. Surround the candles with the petals, herbs and red ribbon, knotted three times (to form a circle). Within this little circle put the candles, incense and crystals. Light the candles and place close together on dish. Light the incense and let the candles burn and melt together. When this is done you can gather the remains excluding the ribbon and throw into running water.


Attracting a special person into your life (On a full moon)

A round mirror

Purple or pink candle

Small bowl of rose petals

Jasmine flowers



Rose hips (or a combination of those suggested)

Some love incense

Pink crystals

Write out the alphabet, cut and fold each letter separately. Take one letter out and add to the bowl of herbs. Light the candle and incense then arrange the crystals in bowl and place on the mirror. When the candle has burnt down, take the letter out and this will be the initial of your special person.


Good luck spell

A red or orange candle

Yellow, golden crystals

Violet or rose incense



Marigold and/or clary sage

Focus on how you would like your luck to change. Light the candle. You can do this with a tarot card, choosing one you identify with the most and inscribing your candle. Surround with the herbs, the incense and the crystals. Leave candle to burn down. Wrap all the remains in a red or orange cloth and keep somewhere safe.


Improving finances (just before a full moon)

A green candle

Basil, clover, oak leaves, marigold, mint and sunflower seeds

Patchouli incense

Some small coins

Yellow, gold or green crystals

A small piece of circular paper

Write your wish on the paper, place under the candle and surround with the small coins, crystals and one or some of the above herbs. Focus on what you wish for. Let the candle burn down. Bury the remains and piece of paper deep into the ground. Repeat x 3 each week on the same day.


Finding a new home (On a Wednesday, on or near a new moon)

A little charm key

Brown, white or green candle

Some basil, yarrow and sea salt

4 tiny crystals and incense (of your choice)

Place crystals at 4 corners (n.e.s.w) and surround with herbs. The key in the middle, with candle and incense. Light candle/incense. Visualise the type of home you would like. Let candle burn down and (if possible) bury all the remains in earth. Not the crystals.

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