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Inspirational and informative tarot guidance. Distant/absent readings. Either by post or email. Offering you a different approach, angle and perspective on life’s problems, dilemmas and choices. With many decks to choose from and types of readings to suit almost every situation. My readings/guidance are dawn from pagan, psychology, spiritual and classical (tarot) sources. As well as getting a general "feeling" for the cards -  I don't use reverse cards as such.   I know many readers do, but that's just my preference.   And every reader has their own little ways. However I get an overall picture of all the surrounding cards, the suits, the numbers, the majors and minors and various other factors, including the above  -  sources pagan, spiritual, psychological etc.

I can't tell you what to do, nobody can (or indeed should) as you own your own life and destiny, but I can kind of explain future possibilities, challenges, changes, snags, delays, opportunities, directions etc.  And generally read what the cards say - within a spread.

Distant/absent reading

 As the name suggests this is a non-contact reading, which works equally as well as a person to person reading. Usually with this type of reading it's nicer if you choose the type of reading/tarot deck you require (but not essential) If you feel a little unsure, I can choose or suggest a deck for you. Or go through some of my decks and types of readings with you. 

And numbers (however many in any particular chosen spread) from 1-78.  I feel this gives you more control and personal input And these will be your special cards. So for a example, if you have chosen an 8 card reading then you would choose 8 numbers between 1-78 for me.  (obviously if a tarot deck has more than 78 cards then the number will be more.

Several people have asked me the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards.  This is my interpretation of the difference:


Tend to follow a more structured pattern.  Usually 78 cards - sometimes a little more,  and usually with 22 major cards - though some of the names may differ from deck to deck.  Minor cards, 56 and generally associated with the 4 elements - earth, air, fire and water and including court cards - Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings.  Tarot readings tend to be more about activities, situations, and people.

Oracle Cards

Tend to be, for example Angel cards, plant oracle cards, animal cards etc.  and follow  less structure (I feel) though no less accurate or meaningful.  They have no particular number of cards, or suits (elements)   And are more of a meditative tool, bringing a personal message or insight to the seeker.  Sometimes with a key word for each card, giving a little nudge, clue in the right direction.  I do own a few oracle decks, which I love very much, but my own personal preference are tarot cards.

Tarot Decks

There are so many beautiful and inspirational decks to choose from. Here are some from my collection.  Which compared to many people is very modest!   Over the years I've found the type of decks I like the best and the ones that I find good to work with.  A lot have a good sprinkling of animal and cats. 

Animal Totem (L. Robertson & E. Smith)

Colourful and wonderfully illustrated and obviously full of animals, most in their own environment. This is a boarder less deck and each animal is just so lovely.  The Magician, the first animal I drew from is a fox depicting all his/hers magical tools. Probably not a deck I would use for many readings, but it's a nice one for just drawing from randomly, and allowing the animals to be a guide in answering your question.

Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot (K. Mahony & A. Ukolov)

My absolute favourite of decks. A stunning deck of real pictures and photos of cats in wonderful, sweet costumes. I won’t work with this deck, it's my own special deck, a present from my husband and also a limited, numbered edition. Each card is as gorgeous as the next. With all breeds of cats in period and sometimes quite dramatic costumes. I couldn't possibly choose a favourite, as I love them all.

Bohemian Animal Tarot (S.A King. & S. McLeod)

A wonderful, gorgeous deck of animals. The cards are gold edged and some of the major arcana have been renamed, for example strength becomes warrior and depicts a badger. The fool is now the innocent and a coyote! One of my many favourites is the moon, 2 wolves howling and dancing together. This is an easy deck to work with, It’s going to be one of my (many) favourite decks.

Bleu Cat Tarot (B. Seilonen)

This is quite a fabulous deck. Basically just a few colours of blues, blacks and grey, all featuring beautifully and elegant Siamese cats, in everyday situations. Clean and simple line drawings make it unfussy and just simply wonderful to use. The suits have been changed and are now plants instead of wands, feathers instead of swords, balls instead of pentacles and fishes instead of cups.  Definitely a deck for future use.

Cat-a-Vasya  (V. Strannikov &  F. Eldemurov)
Another gorgeous cat tarot deck. Another favourite for me. A Russian deck of stunning photographs of cat breeds. Plus two extra in the Major arcana - black cat and white cat. Suits are lizards/salamanders instead of wands. Fish for cups. Birds for swords. Mice for pentacles. Totally wonderful for just browsing through.

Cats Eye (D.M. Givin)

Being a cat person, obviously I adore this deck. Cats of all breeds colours and ages and all so life like. Their little personalities depicted in each card. The illustrator is a vet, so obviously very attuned to cat’s habits, traits, and character and it shows in all the cards. A deck I would describe as friendly and un scary. Even the death card, which some people still find a bit ominous, is a gentle passing of the seasons. In its own way it's very insightful and clear and very tarot like.

Chrysalis Tarot (H. Sierra & T. Brooks)

A spur of the moment buy, I was looking for something else but this is so gorgeous I had to get it. A kind of magic, pagan, spiritual mix. The suits are stones for pentacles, mirrors for cups, spirals for wands and scrolls for swords and the majority of the major arcana are different too. For example the fool is merlin, the hermit, the storyteller and empress Gaia. A tarot deck I will use a lot, a great spur of the moment buy!

Crows Magic Tarot (L. Marks)

A rather dark, a lot of the cards have a black background, but it's an incredibly striking and bold deck. There are keywords to each card as well as astrological symbols. Most of the images are crows, but other animals are included, no humans, however. A spiritual and guiding kind of deck. Maybe helpful to use in conjunction with connecting to animal spirits.

Crystal Visions Tarot (J. Galasso)

A gorgeous and beautifully coloured tarot deck. I got this one to cheer myself up and it did the trick. It's lovely. Luscious, fantasy and dreamy pictures yet with a traditional feel about it. Very easy to work with and one that I will use many times. I would definitely recommend this tarot deck.  Even if it's just only to look at the cards.  And see for yourself the wonderful, fantasy type pictures.

Dream Raven Tarot (B Seilonen)

I had to wait awhile for this deck to arrive but it was so, so worth the wait. It's absolutely gorgeous with stunning and vivid pictures, each beautifully painted and coloured, subtle yet, wonderfully  bright. And each card depicting obviously a raven, within a colourful background. Very different and definitely a must for tarot collectors.

Durer Tarot

The cards are actually quite small, but pack in lots of tiny detail. They are based on the art of Albrecht Durer, a German 15th century renaissance artist. So I would describe the whole deck as classical and I feel have a Christian religious feel about them. They are a lovely deck, but not one I use often.  And actually I rarely come across this deck anywhere.  So anybody reading this - maybe shed a bit more light on it?

Enchanted Tarot (Amy Zerner & Monte Farber)

A simply wonderful deck. Insightful, intuitive and magic. Both the deck and the book are beautifully illustrated and the book has kind of three meanings to it. The dream, the awakening and the enchantment. I use this deck often as it works well for me. Each card is so brilliantly detailed, you get a real empathy and intuitive feel for them. Ten of wands for example, you can almost feel the struggle and weariness of ambition, responsibilities and work weighing him down.

Fairy Tarot (A.L. Patelli)

This is a really sweet deck.  The suits have been renamed: Cups are hearts, wands are acorns, pentacles are bells and swords are leaves. As well as the devil becomes a troll and temperance a sylph. The pictures are really sweet and magical. Little gnomes, pixies, fairies and animals all play a role in this deck. A lovely colourful, detailed whimsical deck.  Perhaps a very child friendly one too.

Fantastical Creatures Tarot (L. Hunt & D.J. Conway)

Each card is a fabulous mythical creature, The Magician, a winged cat in her little magic room!  Every card is a mini story.  A mythical creature within his/her little world and situation. As well as being gorgeously illustrated,  it also has a lovely little boarder to each card. Well worth checking out,  just for the gorgeous artwork.  As well as being lovely to work with.

Forest Folklore Tarot (K. Beverley-Smith)

The whole deck, minor and major arcana are just so gorgeous. Beautifully painted. Depicting forest animals, fairies, imps etc. It's all based around the New Forest (England). So it's also full of animals and nature as well. A lovely earth honouring deck.  Full of nature.

Green Witch Tarot (A. Moura)

This is a gorgeous witchy, pagan, spiritual deck. The cards are borderless with some really wonderful pictures. Lots of symbolism, animals and nature themed. Many of the major cards have been renamed, for example judgement is now harvest, which I love the idea of. Definitely a deck I will use over again.

Hezicos (M. Griffin)

Comes in a brilliant little box that looks like a parcel and just gets better. The pictures are really stunning, bold but not too dark or overpowering. I especially love the court cards, which are depicted as portrait style pictures. Really clever. It's full of symbolism, little pixie type characters, fairies and fantasy. Each card really does tell a story and a journey. 5 Cups for example shows a grumpy character looking at 3 spilt cups, totally unaware of 2 full cups behind him.

Jolanda (J. Tredjes & H. Arnold) 

Formerly named "Swedish witch tarot". All cards are edged with light purple. I think the previous deck was grey. A colourful mix of pagan, witchy, earth magic and also includes many other cultures. A really magical, spiritual and cultural deck. I love the innocence of the Fool as he dances through a forest right by a tiger and crocodile, feeling no fear.  And the moon depicting mystery, cancer, and watery influences. It has quite a feminist feel to it, in a positive and nice way. That's how I see many of the cards anyway.

Klimt Tarot (A.A Atanassov)

I wasn't sure what to expect from this deck as I only know a few of Klimt's paintings, so maybe some of the cards are full paintings and others just bits of a whole painting?  It's a pretty deck, if you like Klimt, and quite easy to work with. However, if you don't feel comfortable with nude pictures, then this is not a deck for you, as many are. 

The Linestrider journey (S. Thompson)

An uncluttered, delicate and mystical type deck. The pictures are gorgeous and at first seem quite plain and spare but the more you get to see them and know them, the more you draw out their secrets and symbolism.  The more you want to draw out it's secrets and symbolism.  Definitely  a deck I  go back to many times, just for a little inspiration.

Mandala Astrological Tarot (A.T. Mann)

The cards are square, a little different to the traditional card shape. I like this deck lots as it has astrological associations also. A.T. Mann is also a brilliant astrologer and some of the pictures in his book "The round Art” are simply stunning. The book accompanying the tarot deck details many astrological and symbolic meanings. The planets, signs, elements etc. A useful deck.

Marseille Cat Tarot (S. Baraldi)

Based on the French 1760 Marseille design, but with a glorious twist….Cats!

Lively, colourful and cuddly ones. A very easy deck to work with as it still remains sort of traditional. Simply lovely.  The (cat) characters are strong and bold looking, with a definite message to tell.

Mystic Dreamer (Azurylipfe)

A really pretty deck. Delicate and mystical painted images. The people represented are real in a sort of ethereal and misty landscape.  Rainbows, castles, misty moons and water feature a lot. All cards are edged in a yellow, gold. A lovely deck to work with, or simply to reflect and meditate on. As it is obviously as the title suggests very mystical and dreamlike.


Mystical Cats (L. Weatherstone & M. Mueller)

Another darling cat tarot deck! And it is gorgeous. The suits are fire for wands, sea for cups, sky for swords and earth for pentacles. Some of the major cards have been renamed too. Good kitty is now judgement, consequences is now justice. It's a lovely friendly soft and gentle deck. My favourite is sky kitty (page) simply as it was the first one I drew randomly.

Panda Tarot  (S. Baraldi)
A sweet, sunny and colourful deck. They have a bold, slightly cartoon feel about them. Would be good for a nervous or younger person as the pictures are not at all scary or darkly symbolic. Worth a look, just for the panda pictures.

Pearls of Wisdom (R. Sim & C. Fullbrite)

A colourful, bright and busy deck. Intuitive and sensitive. Lovely to work with. Readings become a lesson or "Pearl of wisdom" to be learnt. Experiences of life. The cards are very approachable, some decks I find are a bit daunting and too serious. But this is such a wonderfully bright and vibrant deck. However I don't feel it would be one you would choose to meditate with, but that's just me.

Rabbit Tarot (Nakisha VanderHoeven)

A small deck in which the traditional suits have been replaced. Pentacles are daisies, cups are tulips, swords are carrots and wands are sticks. All the cards depict gorgeous little rabbits. It's such an un-scary and friendly deck, it would be perfect for children or anybody who might be nervous, unsure or a bit dubious about what to expect from a first time reading. Each picture is so sweet, it would be hard for me to choose my favourite, but if pushed, I think I would go for the card Strength. Rabbit is depicted as gently but firmly taming fox.

Rider Waite Tarot

The classic deck that many tarot readers, including me begin with. The illustrator, Pamela Colman Smith was for many years never acknowledged as the artist. She died in 1951 in Cornwall in an unmarked grave, which I find incredibly sad. The latter part of her life was lived in apparent poverty. I feel it's a shame that she just seemed to fade into obscurity, whilst the author remains so well known. But maybe in a way, that's what she wanted. She certainly wasn't a sad figure, but a strong, vibrant, mystical woman.

Robin Wood (R. Wood)

I love this deck very much and, use it pretty frequently. The images are just so easy to identify with. It's full of symbolism, paganism and spiritual themes. And a little based round Rider Waite. It's one of those decks that the more you use, the more you see each time. The book is really informative too, in the sense that it describes why, for instance she uses certain symbols, colours, animals and objects.

Sacred Circle (Anna Franklin & Paul Mason)

I love this deck so much, if it ever wears out, I'd absolutely have to replace it. I even like the web card, which depicts a silver spider in the right hand corner. The book that accompanies it is a mine of information on pagan and Celtic lore and myths. The whole deck is set in a sacred or Celtic place and each card is kind of framed with lush realistic and pictures of plants or little animals, which also tell a story about the card or Celtic symbols. The cards themselves feature many people and animals. A deck I use very, very often.

Shining Tribe (R. Pollack) 

This is quite an amazing deck. It's so different, from a lot of my decks.  The suits have been renamed. Wands are trees, cups are rivers, birds are swords and stones are pentacles. Court cards have also been replaced, so gone are the traditional kings and queens etc. The artwork is wonderful, with a lovely mix of Native American and Australian art, primitive art and ancient tribal art. Worth looking at, just because it so different.

Silver Witchcraft (B. Moore & F Rivolli)

A gorgeous silver edged, unfussy, but bold and pagan type deck. I love this deck because of its simplicity and colour. No boarders and very few added bits. A deck I will definitely use again and again. It’s a deck that I took to almost immediately, because of it's simple yet brilliant pictures.

Spiral Deck (Self-published by K. Scott - Bey)

This is quite a large deck. The pictures are really lovely and have a mix of traditional and modern about them, also each card has keywords at the bottom of them. Bold, spiritual and insightful. For example Page of cups, self-love, gentleness, new beginnings. It's not a deck I use except for myself, to draw a card when I feel I need to.

Spiral Tarot (K. Steventon)

This is a nice colourful deck, with a light purple, lilac edging to each one. Perceptive and sensitive. Pictures are very detailed and have a mix of mythical and Celtic themes to them. As well as astrological symbols. Many of the characters capture the spirit of movement and dance.

Spiritsong Tarot (P. Cassidy)
Absolutely beautiful. A wonderfully delicate and detailed deck of animals, birds, fish etc. A mix of shamanic, spiritual and nature.  Suits have been replaced. Cups are shells. Wands fire. Pentacles crystals, and swords feathers. Definitely going to get a lot of use as they really are gorgeous and very easy to work with.

Tarot of Magic Herbs (G. Vazquez & J.H. Lamas)

I like this deck as it goes so well with my passion for herbs and each card depicts a different herb and its healing and psychic qualities. They do not have the four suits: cups, swords, wands or coins. But with each herb there is also a little keyword. For example the Goddess Side is pomegranate, a herb closely associated with women, femininity and goddess etc. I wouldn't do a reading with these, but they are lovely to just draw a card or two every now and then.

Tarot Mucha (G.F. Massaglia)

A tribute deck to the Czech art nouveau painter Alfons Mucha. A beautiful deck. Predominately pictures of long-flowing haired women/goddess images. Full, sensuous and luxurious. The pictures are just overflowing with character, colour and movement. The whole deck just has a lovely and easy feel about it.


Tarot of the hidden realm  (J. Jeffrey. B. Moore) 
This deck has a lovely Pagan, witchy and nature feel to it.  Many of the cards, set in the natural  environment.  Each card seems to draw you into it's picture.  A story of mystery and magic will unfold in every draw of a card.  A tale told, and a message given.

Tarot of the New Vision (P. Alligo, R. & G. Cestaro)

I really love this deck and it's got a clever twist to it. Based on the Rider Waite deck, but the cards are all viewed from a different perspective. For example, you get to see what is behind the magician and the hanged person. It's a kind of Rider Waite in reverse. And absolutely brilliant. I really would recommend this as apart from anything else, it's easy to work with too.

Tarot of the Pagan Cats (Magdelina Messina & Lola Airagni)

An enchanting and simply magic deck. Obviously featuring all sorts of cats in their little quests, dilemmas, challenges and opportunities etc.  The hermit, for example shows a cat, quite determined and focused with her little lantern shining brightly, almost at the top of her upward journey to truth, enlightenment and self-discovery. I feel cats play a big part along with witches, magic and psychic awareness.

Tarot of Trees (D.Driscoll)

A small but gorgeously vibrant and vividly coloured deck depicting trees. Each card is so beautifully different, 8 of pentacles for example you can almost feel the journey towards something exciting. Or the Lovers - two trees entwined together. A really lovely and unusual deck.

Thelema Tarot (R. Lechner. & J. Elford)

A simply wonderful and inspirational tarot deck.  A spiritual, mystical  and ethereal tarot deck. The pictures are beautifully dreamy - and yet at the same time bold , strong and symbolic.  Absolutely enchanting and  leaves you with plenty to think about and reflect on, well after you have worked with it  A deck I will definitely enjoy using  over again

True Love Tarot (A. Zerner & M Farber)

The minor suits have been replaced:  Cups are shells, wands are roses, pentacles are gems and swords become wings. They are nice, but perhaps a tad repetitive. However the major arcana well makes up for this, in gorgeous images. A useful deck, obviously for love and relationships.

Victorian Fairy Tarot (L. Weatherstone & G.A. Lippincott)

A simply fantastic deck, each card is a mini, detailed picture of fairies and animals etc. The minor arcana suits have been changed: 

Wands to the Spring Court, 

Cups to the Summer Court,

Pentacles to the Autumn Court and

Swords to the Winter Court. 

Some of the major cards have been renamed. The cards are absolutely gorgeous!

Victorian Romantic Tarot (A Ukolov & K Mahony) 

A gorgeously pretty deck. Bright but not overbearing, with a Victorian feel to it. Based on old 19th century engravings. Queen of pentacles for instance portrays a beautiful image of a woman with rich and luxurious colours. Earthy and sensual. The whole picture has a feel of opulence, richness and material comfort. Nice to work with, inspirational and sensitive. Useful for relationship and love.

White Cats (S Baraldi)

Another gorgeous cat deck which is based on Rider Waite. It's very light, happy and kind of sunny too.  Another very approachable and friendly deck, and as the title suggests it is all white cats. I really like the court cards as the cats do look very royal and regal. But then I think each cat depicted is characteristic of the card that it is portraying.

Wolf Pack Tarot (R. Petro)

Previously a black and white deck, later republished in soft, subtle and delicate colours. It's totally about wolves and has a heading above each card, a couple of sentences, which you can work from there. They are not titled as many decks are but have one keyword to them, such as control, waste, abundance. I find this a very gentle and insightful deck.  And obviously the wolves are extremely appealing.

As well as decks, there are also so many different types of readings/guidance. Including Angel guidance, health, inspirational, work and career, understanding current problems and situations, relationships, love, moving home, general guidance, spiritual, planetary, personality, and so the list goes on. There's generally a reading for every possible situation in life.